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You may want to post this to the Streetwear section as you'll probably gain a different perspective. It is suprising to me that the entire thread hasn't been moved there already. I'll expound for you on my thoughts XFi1382. As this is the Classic Menswear section and leans toward the conservative side, a quilted sport coat may not go over well in Classic Menswear. To me it looks cheap and would have no place even in my streetwear wardrobe. While a quilted parka may be an acceptable purchase choice, a quilted sport coat would not for reason stated and also that it is not versatile. My question to you would be, where would you wear it?

Well that's a nicer reply than the first one :) I agree it is not placed in the best section, did not see that...


To answer your questions, I would wear it with chino's and a shirt on a spring/autumn day, given it's navy blue seems versatile enough to me... I'm also just 24, and although my dressing style is much more classic than most people my age, I don't have the ability and don't feel the need to start wearing MTM clothes or anything.Nonetheless this would fit quite well in my wardrobe I suppose, would have just been nice to get people's point of view on the jacket, that's what a forum is for, no?

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I quite like this style especially for going out at night in early fall or spring or just stepping out to grab coffee on a Sunday morning. I have tried a few brands, I think the RL one is kind of cheap looking and sort of looks like it was bought on sale at the mall (plus that corduroy shotgun shoulder pad is too much). I have a Lavenham and it fits much too small so never wear it.

I think the best option is the Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt. I have one in black I wear at night and one in olive I wear during the day. I have even considered getting their more thickly insulated one called the Powell. This is 'trim" in Barbour parlance which is really more of a normal fit (not incredibly boxy like their green Urban Farmer style waxed jackets).

Also, best website I have found is called Country Attire UK. They seem to be at least $100 off USA prices at Orvis and shipping is fast and free.
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