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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

Barbour by Tokihito Yoshida

Love this.

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I put an extra stud snap in the back of my chelsea (beyond the two that are there) and that nips the waist and gives it some much-needed shape. I looked at taking in the sides with a tailor, but the design of the seams are such that it was going to be an expensive pain in the ass. The extra stud was cheap, easy and effective - I did it at a camping repair store.

On the flip side, taking in the sides of my Eskdale was really easy.
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Considering purchasing this jacket. any thoughts on Burberry Brit's offering?

navy or black?
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Costs way too much for what you get IMHO
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Originally Posted by gsugsu View Post

Costs way too much for what you get IMHO


other than the Burberry label, there's nothing special about the jacket. It's "imported" also.

I have a quilted jacket by Macintosh, available thru web retailer Unionmade. It's very decent and <$400 for the nylon version. And Scotland made.
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Originally Posted by lee_44106 View Post

because of the Burberry label, there's nothing special about the jacket. Actually, that stupid Burberry played out lapel looks like dog vomit and is sure to identify the wearer as a label whore.

Fixed that for you.
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Originally Posted by chasingred View Post

Also, RL Kempton

Anything like this out there?
Especially fond of the matt fabric and the thicker construction for winter wear.
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RL does a version of that every season. The Kempton has a suede shooting patch. The Richmond was basically the same but without the suede patch. This season, it's the Cadwell, which is the Richmond, but with slightly different pocket design.

I don't know if I'd call the construction thicker. It's a pretty standard quilted jacket. The photo also makes the material look more matte than it is in reality.
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Thanks for your help!
So one can compare the RL quilted jackets to the thick version of the Barbour Chelsea?
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Here's an inexpensive version. Feels a bit "shiny" and probably made in China, but for €90...

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I have a very similar jacket from Massimo Dutti it is made in China but the standard of manufacture is very high for the money , i have quite a few clothes from this shop , pants and cashmere jumpers and they have all been of a very high quality for the price you pay.

As a PS, two weeks after i bought my quilted jacket i saw a similar jacket made by Aspesi at 4 times the cost of my jacket from Massimo guess what made in China.
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I have a Chelsea and a RL Richmond vest (and have tried on the Richmond Jacket). Here's my thoughts:

The Barbour is heavier than the RL and mine has a very light fleece interior, so I'd consider it more of a winter jacket. The construction is a bit burlier than the Polos and the coat has some heft compared to most quilts, but the sizing has Barbour's usual vagaries so you might need to size up or down a bit to get it right. Leather trim at the wrists and underneath the collar, back snaps at the waist to give it some shape, extra zip pocket on the front is great for my phone/keys.

The RL is a very nice jacket but tends to run small all around - it is shorter and tighter - and you should automatically size up one. It has more details than the Chelsea (2-way zipper, throat latch, moleskin lined pockets, etc.), but the delta between the body and the shoulder sizing is a bit odd - I am a standard US42/EU44 and I had to take a XL to get the shoulders to fit and then take in about 2" - 2.5" in the body. It is a lighter quilt and is probably more of a Fall/Spring rig; there are also more color options. I prefer the Richmond to the current options as the suede patch and/or the new pockets seem a bit showy to me.

I scored both an FleaBay NWT for about $100 each - retail pricing is a bit silly - and they are go-to pieces for me. Vest gets a ton of action as it can be layered under or over a pretty big range of combos.

Hope this helps...
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For a cheap well cut, but not so well made one, check out Zara. I managed to grab a grey quilted blazer from them with a very nice slim fit for ~ $100. I figure I'll just toss it after this season.
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Just skimmed the thread, so sorry if it's already been posted, but I like the Penfield Colwood. Although the only color I can currently find it in is black.
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