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I was wondering if anyone knew what happened to Pstoller. I really enjoyed reading many of his posts, and found him to be quite articulate.
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I dunno. But after I posted a couple times on the GQ forum, he let me know about this one - said it's a better place for me. It was like being rescued from an abusive relationship.
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Some time ago somebody commented that he had been going through a rough divorce (is there another kind?) before he vanished. That's how it is, people come and go. I was reading old threads yesterday and saw a lot of familiar nics that I haven't seen in a while. Maybe they've just switched to lurking mode or perhaps taken to wearing their clothes out in public instead of talking about them on the Intenet. Perhaps I should get a life too B
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He said something about becoming too obsessed with the forum and having to quit it cold turkey as it was taking up too much of his time. I completely understand and empathise with his position but of course, wish he would come back (in moderation).
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