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Nice, but I'm not seeing a reason to get it over this $1100 3-gusset case:

Or this Papworth for $1080:

Or pay $120 more and get another gusset plus suede (not that I recommend the suede):
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^^ that last one is pimp. I might look at that one as well.  As to the issue of machine versus hand stitching, can you really tell the difference? Is it noticeable?

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the machine stitched handle looks like crap next to the hand-stitched one. worth the price premium IMO
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Yeah, I think the handle is pretty much the only noticeable difference. Not sure that it's worth the price premium though. But the hand-stitched ones are the only ones that are customizable, I believe. I further convinced myself with the thought of supporting the craft, receiving a unique piece, etc.

Lol looking at that last one I posted above, it is pretty sweet.
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I think I'm going to pull the trigger on this one:


I called today to run through the specifics. It won't be ready until mid/late March.  That's fine though. Supposedly it's all hand stitched.  I'm confirming all the specs before I order though. 


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Nice! A four-month lead time? Impressive. But I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Report back when it arrives!
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I'm more concerned about the fact that the price they quoted me doesn't match up with the representations on the website.  I'm having second thoughts about dealing with Sterling and Burke. Are there any other distributors in the US?

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Not to my knowledge. How much more are they quoting you? I suppose one way to verify their prices would be to see how much you could get for directly from SAB.
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Originally Posted by JL724 View Post

I am thinking about picking up a Westminster 3 to replace my saddleback leather bag. Anything I should keep in mind when ordering? Has anyone dealt with them since they have gone through bankruptcy recently? Finally, any other brands I should consider that have the same or better quality?

SAB bags and SBL bags don't fall into the same category for bag usage, one is for business and the other is for casual use. Maybe you should keep both.
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I think they quoted nearly $300 over listed price, excluding shipping. Maybe it was a mistake, I'm awaiting confirmation. 

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Does anyone have any side by side pictures of a Westminster 3 and Westminster Wrap SS? I'd like to get a size comparison.
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I don't have a side-by-side, but I did look at the American version that BB sells (I think I read that they might not sell it anymore?). The American version is quite a bit larger. For instance, I can fit letter or legal sized documents in my bag by inserting them horizontally, with the longest side facing down/up. By contrast, I could probably insert them vertically into the American bag. I thought that it was more bag than I needed and that it looked very big when I was holding it in front of the mirror. On the other hand, there is a lot to be said for additional storage space.
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Do you generally use the shoulder strap or carry your case by the handle?
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I personally have never used the shoulder strap. It's still sitting in the dust bag. However, I've read of others using it almost exclusively. As noted earlier in the thread, user RJMan had some wear issues with his straps. IIRC, he had to have the hooks reworked. The handle seems to be much more robust. I suppose I'd use the shoulder straps if I had a longer commute, but for the 15 mins it takes me to get to work, I'd much rather use the handle.
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Taking down the shop fronts in the windows at SAB when I walked past last week...
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