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Discuss Swaine Adeney Brigg cases

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I am in the market for an SAB document case. I'm a late-20s lawyer, so I'm looking for something that looks the part but will last for a long time and age well.

The American version of the classic Westminster is my first choice. Shown here in London Tan:

More pics:

Though I really love this version in Havana:

More pics:

Chestnut is another option, though I don't think I like it as much (right):

Although I'm pretty sure I want this version, I'm not sure if I'll grow tired of the straps. So I'm also considering the laptop bag and the Westminster 2:

Laptop bag:

More pics:

Westminster 2

What are your thoughts on style and color?
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Go with dark brown

Go with the version without the external straps

light brown/chestnut limits the occasions that you can carry the bag.
external straps looks too casual

And for crying out loud carry and abuse the bag so that the bridle leather ages and achieve a nice patina.

Nothing screams louder than trying too hard with a brand spanking new looking bag that has nary a scratch or wrinkle.
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Thanks for the response. I do plan to use the bag quite often and am looking forward to seeing the patina it develops. So you say no straps? Too academic? I've updated with another strapless version that I like. I think I'm going to have to call up Sterling & Burke to take a look at a few.
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Could you put up a larger picture of the laptop bag, please?

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I happen to have the third pictured case (the case with the squared brass closure). Mine happens to be in London tan. I've had it for six or seven years now and am quite satisfied with it (although Forum member RJman has the same case in black and has had some challenges as a result of wear). Like all such leather, it does develop more character with age, but do not expect it to darken dramatically. I also suggest that you spend a bit of time thinking of the pros and cons of a strapped, flap-over document case. It does take a little bit of time and effort to open and close...and if you have a need to repeatedly open and shut the case or open it in a hurry, it can seem rather burdensome. Moreover, the flap will not stay open by itself; it will naturally fall back over the top (gravity isn't only a good idea; it's the law)...meaning that you have to hold the flap up when you are inserting or taking items out of the case or repeatedly lift the flap up. In other words, if quick, easy and regular access to the case is a factor, you might want to contemplate another design. On the other hand, if you do not have such a need and are looking for an exceptionally handsome leathergood, this could be a very good choice.
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Thanks, medwards. Do you use your case often in professional settings that require business attire? I'm trying to get a sense of how "casual" the bag is.
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Yes. Formality is a reflection of many things. While we generally associate it with darker colors, that need not be the case in many business settings. The item's style and craftsmanship -- in addition to your overall style and bearing -- contribute to the equation.
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Originally Posted by medwards View Post
Yes. Formality is a reflection of many things. While we generally associate it with darker colors, that need not be the case in many business settings. The item's style and craftsmanship -- in addition to your overall style and bearing -- contribute to the equation.

I agree, I think the bag would work in most if not all professional settings, especially after it ages a bit. The Classic bag with the straps would be my choice, it looks great.
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Good points re: formality
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Classic in Havana gets my vote. A sure-fire day or night win.
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I'm currently in the process of having a bespoke one made by a local maker. He told me to stay away from the light coloured ones because they get dirty if you use them heavily and according to him won't age as nicely as a darker one. Another thing he laughed off was the felting inside the bags because after three years of heavy use it's done, he showed me a bag he remade and it's true. Also think about which shoe colour and shade you wear the most.
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If it helps you decide, here are the three colors that you are contemplating under the same lighting conditions. From back to front they are chestnut, london tan, and havana. For a lawyer, (even a young one) I'd go with the Whitehall or a lid over attache.
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I currently own the 3rd one down in London tan (same as Medwards) but opted for the round lock. But I love the square lock too and used to own the same case with the square lock (long story, but I sold it, regretted it deeply, and purchased another one)!

I've owned SAB cases in London tan, Havana, and Chestnut. I like the London tan the best but it does take some resolve as it shows everything... however, this is what also gives it it's character over time. The darker colors will not develop as noticeable of a patina. London tan will particularly darken in areas exposed to rain drops. Also, I noticed with mine that the natural elements darkened it slightly soon after I purchased it (possibly due to moisuture in the air). But it hasn't really changed since. I know this b/c I've compared it to the luggage tag it came with which I stored away, unopened from it's wrapper. The colors are slightly different now, but in a good way in favor of the case.

I'm a CPA and probably don't have to access it as much as say a trial lawyer would. But with such an exquisite case, handling it, strapping/unstrapping it (the case, that is), etc. becomes an experience to appreciate and enjoy. I prefer the straps b/c imo, it makes it more versatile. It can be used in both casual and formal settings. The straps can also be removed for an even more formal look.

In the end, I think all the SAB cases and colors are amazing.
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Thanks for the pic, brax (that Gladstone bag is another dream of mine). The more pics I see, the more I like the Chestnut color. Seems like it would develop a nice patina while not showing quite as much as london tan. Havana might show nothing at all.

I've been looking at the Whitehall, and it's growing on me. But there's something about the shape that I can't pinpoint but don't quite like. I think I'd need to see one in person.

Rambler--good point re: removing the straps. But does the bag look odd when they're removed??
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Check out this most excellent review from another forum member:
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