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Hilarious. The most diabolically ingenious aspect is the harder one laughs at the posts, the more one indicts oneself for knowing all the arcane references to which the author is both party and critic.

My favorite today:

"Out of your size?

My bad, yo.

We don't stock anything.

Besides vintage stools and negative space.

You want some white paint?

Benjamin Moore for Engineered Garments.

I can sell you an aesthetic."
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Very very funny. Thanks for posting.
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yes yes, so good. really hitting his stride and hope he can keep it going. king of tumblr right now by a very wide margin.
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This is my favorite so far:
Scoots Dore has been tailing me all day. Sting operation outside my dorm. Code red. DEFCON 4 level swag. Someone tell Scotty to pop this mo’fucker in Photoshop. I deserve to be in black and white.
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