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Zegna cotton/cashmere cord jacket Medium 40R/50EU!

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This dark chocolate brown corduroy jacket from Ermenegildo Zegna is fantastic. Very luxurious and perfect for fall. If it fit me, you would certainly never see it on buying and selling, because I would keep it. But I'm cursed to find these amazing things that are not in my size. Not a terrible curse, to be honest.

The outer material is 90% cotton, 10% cashmere. The inner material (lower) is 75% wool, 25% cashmere. The interior top is 100% cupro. There are cool dark brown leather accents throughout: under the collar; around the top buttonhole; under the front pocket flaps; the hook loop; piping between the two linings; around the interior pockets. As you can see, the back has a belt detail and side bellows. They are small, and not all that noticeable given the corduroy, but they do add a little room in the back and shoulders. The front pockets also have bellows at the side. The buttons are labeled Ermenegildo Zegna and there are two extra. The sleeves have two non-functioning buttons each, but I believe they could be altered to work if you so desired.

It's marked a size Medium/EU50R. I think it will fit a 40R or 42R well. The original MSRP was E1100 or roughly $1400. It was marked down at some point to E715, or roughly $900. Though you would never know it by the jacket--the condition of which is great--I think the jacket is a few seasons old and would cost more if purchased retail today.

I am selling the jacket for $400, with free shipping in the US and Canada. I'll ship overseas for an extra $35. Send me a pm if you are interested.

Shoulder: 20"
Length: 32"
Chest: 47"
Waist: 45"
Sleeve: 25.5"

Sorry the pictures are mediocre. At least there are a lot of them.

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Beautiful jacket. I guess I am cursed by being the same size as you are...
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Yes, you are doubly cursed! I'm sure I'll eventually find more things that fit me but which I can't use.
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Hmmm... so I get the chorse rejects, swell

BTW, the Napoli Couture coat arrived and it's simply stunning! I'm not used to the Neapolitan cut with such high armholes though. It fits fine in the shoulders and chest but the waist is quite suppressed and perhaps a bit too tight. I'll try and take pic of me so others can judge the fit. We'll see. At any rate, it's a truly beautiful coat. The fabric and patten are beautiful. I love it - thanks!
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If the rejects include Zegna Napoli Couture, I think you'll be okay

Glad you like the jacket. I may end up at Tender Buttons this weekend (finally) and will let you know what I find.
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my size too. Tis a pity my credit card is under strain at the moment.
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Thanks chobochobo. It's pretty sharp - just measuring the thing made me wish it was fall.
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-- Bump --

This jacket is still available.
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SOLD! Thanks, StyleForum!
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I just wanted give Jamison a hearty thumbs-up for this coat. It's beautiful and it's just what I was looking to find for Fall.

Now if he could only secure some additional Napoli Couture in 42R...
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