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Tweed w/ a buttondown

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Although I normally eschew buttondown collars with suits, I just picked up a softer tweed 3-button suit, and although my plans are to wear it with tattersall and solid spread collar shirts, I was wondering what this august group might think of pairing a buttondown collar with it (both with bowties and long ties)? Would your opinion change if I was wearing brown monkstraps or/versus cap-toes with it?
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I also do not like the the look of a button down shirt with a suit but in this case I think it would be quite appropriate especially with a bow tie. I would wear a wool or cashmere four in hand for another combination.

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I think a button down is perfect with odd jackets such as blazers and tweeds.
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I have always thought that a tweed jacket with anything but a button-down looks like a mismatch. I'd feel differently about a tweed suit though...
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Just think that, essentially, both the tweed jacket and the navy blazer are sport jackets. That means that you can use them with a button down collar, that esentially is a sport shirt.

Take note that "tweed" and "soft weave" are incompatible. You may wear an oxfort button down shirt with your tweed jacket or your navy blazer, in case these are genuine tweeds and navy blazer (heavy wool, "sarga" in spanish, I don´t know the word in english).

If you have a soft tweed or a cashmere navy, don´t worry about the shirt. You´re not wearing an original tweed or navy jacket.

Madrid, Spain
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The BD collar with a tweed suit is a perfect combination. I suppose the monks work slightly better with that combination, but there's no reason you couldn't wear the caps with it.
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Originally Posted by Manton
The BD collar with a tweed suit is a perfect combination.

I agree entirely, and that's why I would never wear that combination. I am able to, and do, wear virtually all collar styles, but the penchant for bd collars in this country has rendered them ubiquitous and generally mundane when worn with exactly what one would expect. Although it is not original (see Astaire , Grant, Agnelli, et al.), I like the look of a bd collar with a dressy suit and tie. One of my all time favorites is a navy solid or chalk striped DB suit, suppressed waist and side vents, with a white broadcloth full roll bd and silver tie, either in a solid twill or a woven pattern. Add brown suede monk straps and a bold plaid or paisley silk pocket square, and I feel well dressed for any daytime occasion, business or pleasure, where a tie is either necessary or appropriate. With a tweed suit, I like TCN's inclination to wear a dressier collar, spread or pinned. For a more casual tweed suited look, I'd still avoid the bd and wear a darker solid or patterned shirt with a soft collar, maybe a lighter weight cotton flannel, and knit tie. No rules, just me.
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I wear a ton of BDs and tweed.
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*Wishes he could afford to do the same as Ed.*
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