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Suit & tie for first day of week?

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Should I wear a suit & tie for the first day of work at an accounting firm?
I suspect most SFers will say yes, however, I'm having second thoughts.
The normal dress code is somewhere between business casual and professional, and specifically mentions blazers, dress shirts and polo shirts as acceptable. Does not mention suits and ties. Some of my friends at other firms were told not to wear suits by their recruiters.

If not suit & tie, I was also considering suit without tie, or blazer with or without tie. I'm pretty set on wearing a jacket.
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I have no experience of U.S. accounting firms, but in view of what you have told us, I suggest that your wear a tie with a blazer the first day. I mean, a suit without a tie looks maybe too cool (reminds me Don Jonson in Miami Vice, I think). A blazer without a tie might look O.K., but I cannot think that wearing a tie the first day at work can annoy any employer. I mean, even if the rest of the staff is not wearing it, you wearing a tie the first day can only be interpreted as a sign of taking your employment seriously.
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Wear a tie. If you feel overdressed, take it off. Or if you wear a suit and feel overdressed, you could remove the tie and/or jacket.
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Given what you've said about the firm and the fact you've been given a guideline dress code already, a nice jacket & tie for your first day seems appropriate and then judge it from there. Suit & tie, which I'm always tempted to recommend simply because I'm biased, would likely be too much, esp. because you've already been given a dresscode that strongly implies it is unnecessary.
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I would wear a suit for the first day, then dress down from the next day if everyone else in the office is wearing blazers, polos, etc.

It says between business casual and professional, so I don`t see any risk in wearing a suit, as I think a suit is professional wear. Also, it says blazers, dress shirts and polo shirts as acceptable, not necessarily meaning recommended or required.
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I'm leaning towards wearing a suit & tie.

Blazer & tie look seems to be quite popular. Personally, I think it's harder to pull off due to the added colour matching/contrast between the jacket, pants, shirt and tie. Is this look more popular among older gentlemen? I hardly ever see it on a younger guy like myself.
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Really? I see just as many young and old who do it.
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If you are going with some senior rank then no, but if you are just staring in your first job then the first day might be appropriate. You can always remove your tie discreetly if all around you are tieless.
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I'd wear a suit and tie on the first day because you may very well be taken around to meet everyone, including the 70 year old geezer partners in the corner offices.

I recently had my first day at a new workplace that is business casual, but I was pleased that the movers and shakers I was introduced to were all wearing the same thing I was wearing -- dark suits and white shirts. I figure that there will be plenty of times to wear more casual attire later.

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I wouldn't ask us. Why don't you ask your supervisor or the recruiter that is assigned to you?

They would be way better than a bunch of clothes hounds to give good advice that won't make you seem out of step in your new job.

Heck, most of us would wear a suit and pocket square to our son's little league game.

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