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Multistripe shirts...

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looking for one of those multistripe shirts (fine, close-set stripes in schemes like white/blue/black/purple or something like it, to wear with jeans and maybe a blazer). i know i've seen them in GQ and Esquire, does anyone know where i can pick one up for a fairly inexpensive price? (i thought thomas pink made them, but went to the website and couldn't find them...also checked banana republic's website). thanks.
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Express Men makes inexpensive ones.
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Try Charles Tyrwhitt. They're having a clearance sale. I like their fittings a little better than Pink, and the quality is relatively comparable. I would also suggest Zara or Club Monaco. Be careful thought, everyone and their mother has a shirt from those stores...myself included. norcal
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Banana Republic's fall line includes some very nice shirts like that, and they are $50 each (not yet on sale). From what I've seen, they have a black/dark gray/lighter gray one (as seen in the BR magazine ads), one of different shades of blue, a dark brown/burgundy/burnt orange/black one, and a unique one that is creamy with thin stripes of a blue and orange as I recall, but the stripes are set fairly far apart. Also, J. Crew had some a month back, I believe for $50 or $60, but they are probabily on sale now. They had a nice blue one as you described.
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i saw some fall ones from kenneth cole today they were 80 i think
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I second Charles Tyrwhitt, currently at 75% off, I think. Their fitted, casual shirts are here. If they weren't out of almost everything in 'small', I would've bought a couple of shirts, like the rainbow-striped shirt, or the blue tonal-striped one.
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ETRO are famous for them
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Perusing the latest GQ (awful, but another post for another board), Gant is showing some attractive multi-striped shirts this season, although they show none on their website. While I have a couple, from Bullock & Jones Private Label and one from Etro, I might consider something different. There's been some discussion on these shirts, and I think the consensus is that they're falling out of style. Of course, judging from your posts here, you seem to have excellent taste in clothes, so I trust anything you buy would be de rigeur. I recently bought a couple shirts from Ted Baker and Missoni that have all the color and vibrancy of the shirts you mention, but the stripes are uniform. They are in different colors with different textures, which gives the shirts a sporty, almost chaotic feel, much like the varietal stipes. The fabrics are beautiful (we don't mention Missoni here much, but I love their knits) - check them out.
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I second the Express for Men idea. I bought 9-10 different multicolor striped shirts there on final clearance for $7.50 apiece. They are slim-cut, the fabrics are nice, and the buttons look good for a shirt at that price point. Great shirts to wear with jeans. There was another thread asking whether these shirts are on their way out. DNR just did an article saying that bright multicolor striped shirts were far and away the best sellers at the West Coast Exclusive (just held in Vegas.) The buyers were specialty store owners stocking their stores for next year so I'm guessing these shirts will be with us a while longer. Which is good because I like them.
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Personally I think they look quite good with certain types of suits. The best would be some type of English styled suit with a subdued but still noticeable tie in a wide Windsor knot. Some brands as mentioned would be Turnbull & Asser, Etro, Paul Smith, and for some reason I seem to think Missoni makes them. I don't actually think they make them but the impression on me is that they do.
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In my humble opinion, Paul Smith makes the best multi-stripe shirts.  The upper-end "Paul Smith" shirts are ultra-fitted, while the "Paul Smith London" line is somewhat fitted but not overly so.   Etro is also known for multi-stripe shirts, but I don't find their patterns nearly as compelling as Paul Smith.  They seem overly busy to me and the overall impression of the stripes and colors isn't as striking as the Smith shirts. I would agree with the posters who recommended Charles Tyrwhitt.  They just introduced their F/W shirts, and have a buy two get one free promotion going on right now.  There are also some great striped shirts from last season still available in their clearance section - I particularly like the graduated blue andred striped shirts, which you can get for about $40 if you order through the UK site.
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I just saw a num of these shirts at Nordstrom's Rack (most XMI). I would go there. The sale price on these shirts were $29.97 (nice price for these shirts).
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