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"If I get angry enough I will subpoena to have that telephone conversation released from the phone company, but I don't want to resort to that."

Huh ? That seems a bit fabricated as well. Since when does the phone company tape every conversation ? That is a felony in my state without both parties knowing they are being taped or a warrant being issued.

I am not sure what him being Indian has to do with anything since I have had all that crap pulled on me from people of every nationality.

Always get it in writing ! Save's everybody time and money. If you did a website for him, pull it.
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Anybody else annoyed by all the weird misinformation passing back and forth here?

Originally Posted by tiecollector
he says he licenses patterns from several big designers (their bespoke lines), Loro Piana, Deurmil (sp?), Zegna, Armani, Versace, Brionni (sp?), many others.

You can't license a bespoke pattern. A bespoke pattern is bespoke because it is custom made for an individual. It would be worthless (or nearly so) for any other individual.

He can also replicate any fabric.

What does that even mean?

He told me that the fabric I chose was Armani fabric though a few weeks ago he did tell me taht Zegna makes fabric for many designers. I'm sure Armani rebrands Zegna fabrics and marks them up.

I've never heard of "Armani fabric" though it is true that many people use Zegna cloth. Still, I don't think they re-brand the cloth at all.


I don't want to rain on your parade, but it sounds like what you've got is the equivalent of one of the cheaper M2M houses, who aren't afraid to BS you about fabric. I don't think there's any suit you can get from such an outfit worth more than a few hundred dollars.
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Umm, where are you located? Sounds like the kind of snow job reserved for HK and Bangkok tailors. Might explain the price diferential

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