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One method John C Dvorak talked about was making an address that had the current year in it, and people would catch on and update as needed, but smamers would always miss out.

Ex: Jdoe2005@gmail.com ---> Jdoe2006@gmail.com
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If you are using Outlook, visit MS's website and download the current Junk Mail filter rules. I don't know what version you are using, but 2003 is vastly improved in this area, and yeah, you can download updates for it. Here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/of...798691033.aspx
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Originally Posted by Kent Wang
Matt, I was hoping someone would chime in here but it appears that no one has provided an effective solution so I will tell you what I use.

SpamBayes is an adaptive Bayesian filter with an Outlook plugin. It can sort spam into good, spam and uncertain. Only about 1% of spam ends up in uncertain, the rest are properly identified as spam. There are a few false positives that also end up in uncertain but the amount of manual sorting you have to do is minimal.

SpamBayes is good but it only filters at the workstation level so if you have a blackberry its gonna get the crap and if you have 200 emails coming in they will all download to your workstation and then get sorted. Start up your outlook, get a coffee come back and they are all sorted.

I once commented angrily to an associate of mine that I hated "Spam" and she then said that she didnt know they made Kosher spam so how could I know what it tasted like...
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Here is an idea: forward your workmail automatically to a gmail. Then set up your outlook to download gmail, with your workmail addy as the reply alias. You can receive and send emails as usual from outlook. So, a client will send to and receive all your communications from your work address. Unless he check out the email properties, he won't know it's gone through gmail. Google is exceptional at filtering out junk mail, why not take advantage? This is a bit unconventional, but it's worked for me so far. If you want more details on how to set this up, PM me.
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