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My short nyc trip

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Hi guys, I just got back from the big city. I didn't have much time to do a lot of shopping, because I was travelling with friends, but I did have some good food and catch Phantom of the Opera (second time) and Thoroughly Modern Mille. Anyway.... I had in mind a shoe from BR that I had seen online and wanted to buy but I was dissapointed when I saw the shoe in the store. Shoes at Florsheim and Bostonian were also dissapointing. It amazes me how obviously poorly-made they look. I guess it's not possible to pick up any reasonably well made shoes under $150 in stores anymore. I also stopped by Brooks Brothers 346 Madison Avenue. I was really impressed with the service I was given, eventhough I was carrying a Century 21 bag with me. The store has six floors I believe. The ground floor is full of beautiful shirts, and I tried hard to convince myself not to buy any since they probably won't fit me as well as my Jantzen purchases. I also took the opportunity to check out the Khaki Walking Coat I saw online. They didn't have my size, and the color was dark khaki, which did not go well with my complexion, so I didn't pick it up. I also had the pleasure of visiting Saks Fifth Avenue. Again, I was impressed by the service. I was greeted twice, and offered assistance, eventhough, again, I was carrying my Century 21 bag. The Hilditch & Key shirts came in very beautiful patterns. I saw only regular collar shirts, no spread collar ones. I didn't check the price. I also saw some Charvet shirts, for $340. They seem to have a MTM service. Does anyone know more about this? The only things I bought from New York were from Century 21. The dress shirts they had were all ugly. I bought 3 pairs of socks, a timeless-looking black Zegna dress belt ($49, marked down from $135) and a DKNY sand-colored walking coat ($59, marked down from $185). The construction of the DKNY coat felt noticably poorer than Brooks Brothers', but the color suited me much better. The GANT, Cole Hann and Facconable stores were all very nice as well. I received unusually good service in all these stores, which is a bit of a puzzle, because I recall from my previous visits that I was mostly left alone to browse. That's all for now.
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Any store that wouldn't help you solely b/c you were carrying a bag from another store does not deserve a second visit.
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Honestly, thinking about it... a store is probably more likely to focus on you if you have a bag in hand, since it would suggest you're in "shopping mode" and more likely to buy something. In any case, glad you enjoyed the Greatest City in the World.
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Greatest City in the World.
Yes, my only problems with NYC are the subway and the rent prices. Or alternatively, my only problem with NYC is that I'm too poor to afford car service and a Park Avenue duplex.
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