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An unusual find: Arma dei Carabinieri coat.

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Today I located and purchased a coat, uncertain of its origin. It was clearly Italian and had very militaristic styling. A bit of googling has led me to determine that it is the uniform coat of L'Arma Dei Carabinieri, who appear to be a type of Italian military police. I believe this was produced by a company called Lanificio Cangioli, who appear to be a textile house from my googling.

I was drawn to the coat because of the red accents, silver hardware, interesting details, and quality construction. I just figured I'd share it with the forum. Any comments would be much appreciated. I believe the coat is being worn by the gentleman in this photo who appears to hold some sort of high rank (my familiarity with military culture is very limited, forgive any semantic missteps):

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i was watching, or should i say staring blankly, at the italian channel (RAI) with my wife and the news showed the carabieneri doing some arrests. only thing i could say was 'damn, even the italian cops dress great!'
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I think the Italian police used to wear patent tricorn hats, and drive Alfa Romeos, and Lancias. Some of the regiments require a height exceeding 6 foot for aesthetic balance. You can see the height balance in that picture as compared with the Americans.
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The inner label indicates "Taglia 48" and I tend to take a 44. The coat is not entirely sized correctly for me, but I adore it. I am hoping that with a sweater, shirt, etc, I may be able to bulk myself sufficiently to pull it off. Really a lovely garment.
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Pictures would be for the fit -be careful. Most military/uniform garments seemed tailored for snugness.
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The photograph you have posted seem to show the Corazzieri who are a prestigous unit of the Carabinieri(mainly because the minimum height is 190cm) that guard the President at the Quirinal Palace. Lanificio Cangioli is one of the older textile mills in Prato outside of Florence which is still in operation and run by the family.
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I should be able to post some photos in the next day or two so that you can take a look at some of the more interesting details of the coat.

Very interesting information, manic.
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