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is there any way to increase it, foots drinks etc (NO PILLS) that will increase my metabolism/thyroid
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Originally Posted by Impulse155
is there any way to increase it, foots drinks etc (NO PILLS) that will increase my metabolism/thyroid

cardio in the morning.
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Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time everyday
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eh lol cardio in the morning is hard considering i gotta wake up at 6:30 to catch a 7 bus ;\\.

the eating same time every day is good, i eat breakfast and lunch every single day same time give or take a minute or 2, and lunch within about 30 mins.

right now im working out about once a week but in school im taking weight room so imma be doing 3-4 times a week hopefully thatll increase my metabolism also.

Also im trying to run about 2-3 miles or so a day
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its not eating at the SAME TIME everyday that is important. It's EATING in general. Eat MORE smaller meals each day. Also, more cardio and lean muscle mass will help raise your metabolism. If you cannot eat, stimulants such as caffeine will keep it going...
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You could use that "stack" with aspirin, ephedrine and caffeine - it seems to be pretty universally recommended. Also, building muscle mass will increase your metabolism.
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Water, calcium, and green tea also safely boost metabolism.
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Check out John Berardi's new book "The Metabolism Advantage." I haven't read it yet as it came out this week, but the reviews are good and his other work is top notch.
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excercising period should speed up your metabolism shouldn't it? lots of caffeine too, i'd imagine. the pills are pretty ridiculous, and i agree, should be avoided...but I broke down and got an energy supplement today at GNC..."5 hour energy" 2 ounce shots. chose them because they had the lowest amount of caffeine, essentially just megadoses of B vitamins and taurine i think. worked pretty well i'd say...i was able to do both more reps, heavier weights, and go for an hour nonstop.

then i had to move a bed (in pieces of course) to the garage to be thrown away way i could have done all that and still be energized right now the way i've been dragging ass lately.

i think these will do for when i dont feel like the hassle of a b-12 injection, which is most of the time. i just don't like shots
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For what it's worth...

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About the calcium - evidence is conflicting as to whether supplemental calcium increases metabolism. It might be something else in dairy. It might be that studies haven't controlled for various factors that might affect the absorption of calcium. No one really knows.
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