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Actual Shoe Repair Shops

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Could anyone recommend the name and location of a shoe repair shop that you would suggest for mid-level shoes (C&J, Borgioli, etc), that will do business by mail?

I've looked many of the posts but only saw one or two places, one being Sky Valet. There is really no place decent that I found in my city, with a "highly recommended" place royally screwing up my "test" pair of JMs. I have to admit, that is one thing I like about AEs is that I have always sent them back to them, but with my finding of styleforum and the resulting shoe purchases, I now need a good cobbler.

Thanks all.

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Some discussion here:

Depending on what you want done. Upon advice given in the above post, I don't think I would go for the resoling option unless you are giving it to Dimitri.

I recently had a "simple" task done - had a thin rubber half-sole stuck on top of the sole (some forum members also recommend against this, I just dont want to wear down my sole and have to resole it). The workmanship is pretty good but there is a slight squeak in one of the shoes and of course when I went back the lady insisted that she has tons of experience and that the squeak is not a result of the half soles (I'm pretty sure it is though).

I also had a cheap pair of "test" shoes that I gave to a "highly recommended" place in the city fore resoling. Upon inquiry into basic questions I was assured that I had nothing to worry about. Even a customer at the register asked me"first time resoling? Don't worry they know what they are doing". It turned out that the soles came out with different shapes, the left toe box was unusually large, etc, in short a clusterf**k.

I agree with you, most "expert cobblers" don't have the expertise they claim to.
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Thanks, for the post, I saw those two threads earlier and was just hoping someone here had other trustworthy options.

I just hate to imagine and furthermore do not want to believe that the art and expertise in repairing fine shoes has vanished. Maybe more people now are wearing "disposable shoes" thus reducing the need for skilled cobblers. I know my C&Js sure aren't disposable to me.
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