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new job with a raise...?

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Well, it turns out my job search was fast. I put out 4 applications:

1. visiting assistant prof (temp job) position on the west coast that I figured I wouldn't get and wasn't worried about.

2. local community college that I figured I had a good shot at. they sent a letter informing me that the position had been cancelled due to budget, then called me to ask if I was still interested because they got the funding back. Too late, already committed to fall semester where I am.

3. community college north of here as a lark, and because my fiancee wants to move there (if we move). no word, no worries.

4. fed job that sounds really cool but for which I'm not sure I am qualified. Got the interview. Apparently nailed the intereview: was just offered the job which comes with a 34% raise over what I make now. Hmmm, move to DC; have shorter commutes for both of us; live closer to best friend and other friends; make much bigger $$ doing cool stuff? Yeah, I think I'll take it.


So four apps and two intervies, one of which I had to turn down. One on-site interview, one job offer. That's a pretty good batting average I think. I am very proud of myself if you can't tell.

All's good in the 808 household. Now to start looking for a new place for June.

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Conratulations, Bob, that's fantastic!

Good luck finding house-hunting; avoid areas with a lot of construction
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Nice going Bob. Send some of that karma my way, please.
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Congratulations Bob. Glad to hear your luck is changing.
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Good job, and congratulations!
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Impressive, but before you go - get your shot in on the noisy construction crew next door then split!
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Congrats on the new job! What kind of work is it?
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Yes, congratulations. I think I would like to live in D.C. for a few years; seems like a fun place.

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Sounds like a nice move.

Now I'm hoping to follow in your footsteps and find something soon.
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Congrats. Fast job searches with raises at the end are the only good kind. Sincerely, Huntsman
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Congratulations. Are you thinking on coming back to the Academia after a few year or you are completely fed (no pun intended) with it?
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Thanks for all of the well-wishing guys. I'm pretty excited by it all.

I have already accepted the offer conditional on the start date. Assuming that goes through (which I'm confident it will since the boss already agreed to it with me) I have my resignation written and signed and will deliver it to the appropriate people as soon as I get the word.

The job will involve industry structure analysis (economics) for a division of the Dept of Energy. I'm very excited about it, as this is right up my ally.

Will I head back to academia? I hope to. Part of the appeal of this job is that I think it will enhance my CV in terms of improving my research skills and from the "real world" experience I will have.

But for now we're looking forward to finding a new place and moving (hopefully) into DC. If not into, then very near at least. As long as it's within walking distance of the Metro. And we're looking forward to having more money.

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Congratulations! As someone who is contemplating leaving academia for the "real world" in the not so distant future, I wish you well and hope to be in your shoes (EG I hope ) soon.
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You might be able to get to DC just as the housing market starts to cool down.
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