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TM lewin shoes

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Do you guys know who makes the TM lewin name brand shoes?
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edit: tm lewin is refusing to say....
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when I was in Paris on a stopover in April, I remember seeing TM Lewin shoes at a shoe store at a flea market district.

there were TM Lewin, Loding, and another brand (forgot) all lined up against the wall selling for around 60-100 US Dollars each (i forget what they were in euro, but i remember what they converted to in USD).

they seemed to be decently constructed, nice conservative english designs, and if i didnt know better, i would have thought the tm lewins were made by loding; they looked very similarly constructed.

I was going to buy a few pair of Loding to put up on ebay, but alas, my group was in a rush and we had to catch the subway to the airport, so i had no time to do anything.
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Anybody know where to get Loding stateside? I like the look but their page is in french.
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IMHO noone carries Loding stateside. You can order from their French website but they don't substract the VAT from your order and the shipping is another $30-$35 I believe. The Paris shop still owes me the VAT refund I think Skalogre has ordered from Loding's website before. You may want to look at another french shoe retailer: Bexley as they have a version of their website that is (mostly) in English and their website is also easy to use as far as European websites go. The shipping is still expensive but they subtract the VAT and you can get two pairs of their regular line shoes for about $250. I had no problems with my 3 orders from Bexley.
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