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As far as quality, you won't go wrong with any bike made by specialized, giant, trek, cannondale, felt, or a number of other makers. Bike building is now so efficient that it's barely an issue.

You're not going to race on this bike, so you don't need top parts. A lot of cheap road bikes have carbon forks and posts, and 105's only on the back. You won't win any points from the bike nazis for riding one of these, but it will be more than enough to go fast and get fit. If you need a racing bike, you can then worry about what Lance rides.

Fit is far more of a concern on an entry bike. This includes some things that any good bike shop can account for, such as frame size, and some things that they can't account for because you don't know them yet, such as whether you prefer a touring feel in your road bike or how you want your shifting to feel. That's why some people say you should go used first--get your preferences worked out before you invest a lot.

If you're set on buying a new bike, I'd say just pick a price point and have your shop lay out five bikes to ride. You'll probably end up on one that you wouldn't have expected from reading specs, and loving it. That's what I did, and I love my cheapie (Specialized Allez Sport--$900).
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Same as with sportcoats, fit (position) is everything. I have a custom colnago masterlight frame that I was measured for in Italy several years ago. Its a steel frame and even a little on the heavy side but draggin it up hills after 50 miles in a comfortable position makes up for it.

If I were you id go with the C'dale. I find their frame geometry to be very responsive and transfer alot of power in sprints. I understand that you are not looking to be competitive on this bike but everyone likes a quick car despite not being a race car driver, no?

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