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Hi, yes, please do update with pics and such. I am planning on buying these local in Salt Lake City, UT this week and all week long I have been over your post here again and again and I can't get enough. Truly great read and the info is fantastic. Please do update this soon as if you can by this weekend, I think that the 721Ltd have found another customer. Kindly- Chris
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Here's an update, I couldn't resist. I went in to the local store here in SLC, Ut (D. Grant Ltd.) and tried on the pair of 721 ltd they had in a size 9.5 and they fit well. Whilst they didn't have a 9, I tried on the regular Wolerine 1000 mile boot in that size and it was a bit tight, whereas the 10 in 721Ltd was a bit too big, so all-in-all, I found my size. Fit well and were truly comfortable. They fit my foot like a glove (a shiny, more expensive one and one which should last a lifetime). I am still hoping for your thoughts on your pair and pics hopefully soon Mr. Crane, as I am enjoying your postings truly. -Chris
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I followed Crane's technique and applied SnoSeal to my 721 boots. Since I do not have a hair dryer, I placed the boots into a 150 degree oven for 15 minutes after I covered them with SnoSeal. The color darkened negligibly, but they now develop a shine much more easily and intensely without any crusting of the wax whatsoever. Any kind of scratches or scuffs are buffed out with no effort.

I really don't see why there is a big debate about using this stuff for your shell cordovan. Many times I've read that you've got to "put some elbow grease" into polishing an untreated cordovan shoe/boot, but that's just not an issue after I treated my boots. Furthermore, they no longer get those raised welts when worn in the rain. What was the recommended remedy for this, from what I've read multiple times? "A little elbow grease."
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Would love to get an update. I have a huge hardon for these and need more reason to pull the trigger. Wish it had a dainite type sole though.
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I also have a raging hardon for these boots. Post pics!
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Originally Posted by FStyles View Post

Wish it had a dainite type sole though.

You can wait until the leather sole wears out (or not) and have a composite sole added. Vibram makes everything from lugged to smooth composite that can be added to the existing sole.

I'm on the fence about adding a Vibram 705 half sole (composite) to my original 1K boots.
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Well my plans changed as far as the 721LTDs are concerned. I've been contracted out as a photographer for a magazine and newspaper and they will become part of my work wardrobe. I'll make it a point to wear them for all the fashion shoots for sure. Now that doesn't mean they won't see a fair amount of mud and water. What I won't be doing anymore is kicking rocks and hiking on any of the nasty scree covered shorelines that are common around the lakes in the area. As far as resoling is concerned I highly recommend having the half soles installed. I did this to my first pair of 1Ks and it was a smart move. Way better traction in all environments is the biggest reason to do it. Of course I also don't have a problem with having them resoled in just leather. I now own 4 pairs of these boots so I have the luxury of resoling a pair one way and a different pair another way. I'll be adding a few more pairs to the collection once the Fall lineup is released. LOL.
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Damnit, Crane's, I pulled the trigger on these 721's. You bastard! Your pics were just too tasty...
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Originally Posted by bl@ster View Post
Damnit, Crane's, I pulled the trigger on these 721's. You bastard! Your pics were just too tasty...
I DID NOT hold a gun to your head! LOL! You'll like them and make sure to post pics and make a few comments about them.
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Just got them in the mail today and holy hell these boots are beautiful. They put a hurting on my wallet but yeesh I treasure them. Here are some pics I took. Even my cat, Jeremiah, was impressed and he's damn hard to impress.

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^^^Great looking boots and great pics!

One question for you and Crane--what made you choose these over, for example the Alden Cordovan Indy boot with commando sole? I am looking, like Crane, for a light hiking boot that is cordovan and these 721's look great, but I can get a color 8 indy with commando sole for $50 less (and some may argue better quality).

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Well, sadly the answer to that is that I didn't choose them over the Alden cordo's. I have a boot problem
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Oh I see--well I may not be that far behind you! So which fits/feels better?
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Personally, I prefer the fit of the 1000 Mile Boots to the Alden Indy. The toebox is roomier and less "flat" than the Indy. Your mileage may vary depending on your foot shape.
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What size do you take in the Indy? how is the 11D 721 in comparison? trying to judge fit based on your experience.

i am a 10C or 10.5B in the indy--not sure the 1000 mile d width would work for me.
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