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Originally Posted by g.michael View Post

What size do you take in the Indy? how is the 11D 721 in comparison? trying to judge fit based on your experience.

i am a 10C or 10.5B in the indy--not sure the 1000 mile d width would work for me.

I've found the 11D in Wolverine 1000 Mile similar to Alden Indy's 11D. I wear the same size in both.
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Originally Posted by g.michael View Post

^^^Great looking boots and great pics!

One question for you and Crane--what made you choose these over, for example the Alden Cordovan Indy boot with commando sole? I am looking, like Crane, for a light hiking boot that is cordovan and these 721's look great, but I can get a color 8 indy with commando sole for $50 less (and some may argue better quality).


Simple answer. We're a Wolverine dealer so I always opt to buy what I sell before buying another brand. Personally I'm one of those people who won't sell you something I don't believe in or wear personally.
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I bought mine a few months ago.  As you know, they run a little big, in the length.  For this reason, I bought an 8.5 instead of my normal 9, but it's just a tad narrow for me.   I just ordered another pair of 9s and looking to sell my 8.5s on here.  I'm not sure how many posts I need before I can post in the Classifieds, though.  Anyone know?

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Crane's, can you post some current pics so we can see how they've held up with your use?
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Cranes, thanks for all the useful advise with the leather care and such. I just received my pair earlier today and am very grateful to have found this thread.


I have read through each post and still have questions about the care. For weekend use that will see the occasional drink spill or puddle, does the boot require some form of waterproofing? Or is that strictly needed for the wet fields you frequent?


I plan to brush and condition prior to wear and wasn't sure about the waterproofing. I have found mixed opinions and want to make sure I go about it the right way because these things are nothing less than illustrious. 


Thank you 

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crane amazing posts and pics! would love to see how they're looking in the new year.

some fresh pics would be awesome

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Originally Posted by johnH123 View Post

I hate you.

I hate you.

I hate you.

Nice boots btw.

took the words right out of my mouth, gahhh

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Great pics about an update? Anyone?
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Crane's could you please post a pic of these beat up beauties. I've been dying to see their look after all this time!

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If I'm a 10.5 in Trubalance / Barrie would an 11 be too big? eBay seller has a bunch for cheap
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^ Yes. They fit like Trubalance, get the 10.5
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I just picked up a couple pairs of shoes recently and they are just back from the cobbler from having half soles applied.  I opted to put a thinner sole protector on the 721s and a more aggressive Vibram Raptor half sole on the Chromexcel 1000 Mile boots.


I aquired one of the last 2 pairs of size 10 721s from Wolverine and couldn't be happier with the quality.  I have never even considered posting about shoes but these boots are damn impressive.  Here they are after a coat of Saphir Renovateur, Saphir cordovan polish, and Renaissance wax applied to the edges and a light coat applied to the leather itself. 

























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^ Very nice. Were the 721s dull...they need a conditioning?
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They had an almost dry appearance and not a deep rich cherry/mahogany color that I have seen on sites like Leffot and Unionmade.  I brushed them on and off for a few days before any products were applied but it did little good.  I would really like to see some pictures of the boots with some age on them.


After speaking with the Wolverine 721 specialist about the shoes I was told that there would be another cordovan limited edition 1000 mile boot coming within a few months.  She would not specify what it would be but that it would be another limited run in cordovan number 8.



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duplicate post

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