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Bespoke in Bogota?

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Hi everyone--

I am moving down to Bogota, Colombia in a few weeks, and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with getting suits/formalwear/etc. made down there.

Any recommendations about specific tailors would be appreciated, but I'm curious to hear about people's general experiences with bespoke in Latin America--prices, quality, and so on. Thanks!
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Anyone? Please?

In a similar boat as the OP, would love to hear the boards experience with Bogota, particularly with bespoke. or MTM.

Many thanks in advance
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I have some experience with Uruguayan and Brazilian tailoring.

Usually the quality (machine sewn, fused/partially fused) is compromised to achieve low prices, but you can find some hidden treasures.

I am, for example, commissioning some pieces with an Uruguayan tailor that produces the best value that I have ever found (within my college student budget). Partially canvased suits, with minimal hand sew, for the equivalent of US$ 250 CMT. The fit, so far, is far above MTM and the attention to the costumer is the best that I have ever found.

I will try to borrow a good camera from a friend to post some decent photos here.

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