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Best Hoodies!? Recommendations

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I would like to buy some Hoodies for Fall.. I really like the hoodies of Rallph lauren or Superdry as they are slim fitted.. Are there any ohter brands that you could recommend of making nice hoodies?

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superdry hoodies are all obnoxiously branded arent they? The only hoodies worth buying for a reasonable price are the uniqlo ones. Especially the vintage terry hoodie...real nice, and as slim fit as you are going to get.
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Wings + Horns
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Originally Posted by Gagno905 View Post
Wings + Horns

Yep. W+H are excellent.
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W + H ones are nice, but honestly for a quarter of the price the uniqlo ones are the sensible option. Construction aint bad at all, and the style and fit is very very similar.
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W+H .. this is one of my favorite hoodies I own (not my pic)
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Originally Posted by Listi View Post
Yep. W+H are excellent.

Best fit and construction I've ever owned on a hoody.
OP, I might have one for sale depending on your size.
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Fubu, Marc echo, Ed hardy. Those are my favorites.
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I own two W+H hoodies, they're the best. Zippers are made by Riri, and much higher quality than the hardware on standard hoodies. I just bought one in the black sueded tiger fleece, and it's great.

Sure, they're about $150, but think about how much you'll wear it. Buy fewer high-quality items that you love, and you'll be happier with your wardrobe. Plus, they have a unique look.

Engineered Garments also makes a good hoodie, I'd check them out too.
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Just saw this one from ACNE, it seems like a cool piece. The zip goes up the full length of the hood.
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+1 on W+H

If you want it even more basic & less expensive, I would go for Reigning Champ (like Wings, made by CYC). Amazing hoodies and other goods.

EDIT: Can't forget BAPE full-zip-tiger-camo hoodies. Halloween is coming up!
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I've got one from Lands End Canvas and I really like it.
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From what I've seen/heard Wings + Horns is great. American Apparel makes cheap, decent hoodies that are great for just lounging around in.
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