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Corneliani suit question

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Does anyone have any information on Corneliani suits, namely the Sartoria Linea line. It appears to be superior in quality to most Corneliani suits I have seen. Where would this rank in comparison with Zegna, Canali, and other higher end suits?
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Corneliani is an excellent suit, don't get me wrong...(here comes the but)....the pants are not terribly well constructed. They have a tendency to ride up when one sits down and bunch up, something that would not occur in a Barbera suit, for example.
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Yes. I had one Corneliani suit. It didn't last as long nor fit as well as my Canali suits. Kai
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I was at Off 5th over the weekend and was surprised to see some fused Corneliani suits, labeled "Corneliani Trend" and "Corneliani Collection."  I have a Linea Sartoria suit that has a floating front (and there were others in the store, as well), but I thought it worth mentioning that these other lines are not as well-constructed.  To my mind, the whole point of buying Corneliani is to get a canvas-front suit at a reasonable price. Perhaps others will know whether the fused-front suits are something new for Corneliani, and what that might say about the state of the company.
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I have one of those Collection fused suits and while it might be fused, it's a pretty darn good suit for the $400 I paid for it. I also have a linea sartoria suit as well, and while it is obviously much better than the Collection, the latter fits really well in the shoulders and provides a very nice sillouette. I get more compliments from my Corneliani Collection suit than I do my canvas front suits. I imagine Corneliani is just trying to extend the brand downward to cover a broader range of price points, as do a lot of companies these days.
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