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Hello forum, I was browsing through a local Burlington Coat Factory (for those who don't have these stores near them, its basically a large store that sells last season's clothing at lower prices) looking for a winter coat. They have loads of junk, items not even worth a second look. However, among the rubble, I found a few odd items: Gianfranco Ferre Cashmere Overcoat: $1800 in stores, their price was $400 Versace leather belts: Some Versace, some Versace Jeans Coture, some Istante (or whatever that line is) for $20, store price $285-$360 Gianfranco Ferre leather belts: $16.99, store price $185 to $225 Versace black pants: Cross between denim jeans and regular slacks, some sort of heavy twill fabric. $30, store price $295 Diesel Jeans/black pants/khakis: Some were from last season, some were VERY old (inside tag was just the large D instead of rectangular red 'diesel' box, actual store tag was gray and had "DIESEL" in big letters). Anyone else have strange finds like this?