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11/14 cuts & additions!Add Zegna & RL Polo Suits & SC's 4 38R&S/42R&L/44R&L/46R&L/48L

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11/10 price cuts !!! $180 on the big guy Canali plain blue sportcoats and blazer !!!!!!!!!!! $235 for the Zegna Trofeo Silk SC !!!!!!!!! MORE CUTS on the Isaia suits - SOME NWT AND UNDER $500 !!!!! And the RL custom suit is about as nice as you'll find at $400. Wool and cashmere Cucinelli for the price of cotton !!!!!!!!



I think I have all of the measurements posted now. Please let me know if you need better pics of something and I'll get them for you. I've got a ton of stuff here, and I want it all GONE.

All prices include shipping in the continental US. Buyers outside of the CONUS pay actual shipping. I'll make a swinging deal on multiple items.

Also check out my sh*tload of "all other" thread which has pants, ties, Charvet PJ's, socks, croc-o-gator belts, sweaters and soon-to-be shirts from fine companies such as Incotex, Kiton, Brioni, Zegna, Oxxford, Pantherell, RLPL, RL, Charvet, Isaia, Bizzocchi, etc... Price cuts there as well.

Ralph Lauren Polo 100% Cashmere sc in 44L This is a Polo II model, so 3 button rolling about 2.5, side vents, finished sleeves, 100% cashmere, soft and silky, $1800 or so retail.

Chest - 46
Waist - 44.5
Shoulders - 19.25
Sleeve - 27
Length (BOC) - 32.5

Cantarelli for Bergdorf Goodman Really nice wardrobe staple for a 38R. I'll get measurements up later. Charcoal with fine light grey / pearl stripes. Flat front pants, side vents, 3 roll 2, made in Italy. Nice suit. $475 > $450 > $425 > $410 Last cut before it goes back. Seriously close to my price after paypal and shipping.

Chest - 40
Waist - 38
Sleeve – 25
Length - 29.75 (BOC)
Shoulders – 18
Waist – 32.5
Inseam - 37 unhemmed
Rise - 10
Thigh - 12.5
Ankle - 8.25 @ 32"

Isaia Houndstooth suit Base S, three button, dual vent, flat front pants, basted sleeves, buttons included. Wrinkled from living in an STP box, but nothing a steaming won’t cure. It’s not really black and white, it’s more black and dark cream/tan/taupe. It’s not as jarring as black and white, I really like it. Mid to heavier weight wool, three season at most – not a summer suit. $650 > $615 > $585 > $555 > $520 > $494 !!!!!!!

Chest - 45
Waist - 43
Sleeve – 25.8
Length - 31 (BOC)
Shoulders – 19.5
Waist – 37 – 37.5
Inseam - 37 unhemmed
Rise - 11
Thigh - 14
Ankle - 9 @ 32"

RL Polo Custom by Corneliani This is a damn nice suit. It was a special order that somebody didn't pick up I guess. It's a three piece in a charcoal herringbone fabric w/ wider lapels. Fabric is really nice and soft. The RL store guy told me that there's a higher level of hand finish that goes into these than the standard blue label Polo stuff, but I have no idea what that actually equates to. $500 > $475 > $450 > $425 > $400 LAST DROP before it goes back to my closet

Chest - 46
Waist - 44
Sleeve – 27
Length - 31 (BOC)
Shoulders – 19

Waist – 36 + 2 to let
Inseam - 29.75 + 1 w/ cuff or + 4 if you lose the cuff
Rise - 11.5
Thigh - 13.75
Ankle - 8.75

Chest - approx 43
Back Length - 23.5

Two notes:
* pants hem is slanted toward the back, so I gave you the measure straight down the leg at the seam.
* the buttons on the sleeves ARE FUNCTIONAL. It looks like the guy who this was built for had long arms and shortish legs (the length on the pants is right for me, but it's short for 27" sleeves). Anyhow, if that's not your length you can have the sleeve length adjusted at the shoulder. I think my tailor charges $60 for that.

A Bunch of 42R Hickey Freeman stuff Two suits with flat front pants and Loro Piana fabric, one tux, one nice fall sportcoat. Priced as marked in the linked thread. 10% off of these - that sc is scramin' fall Tux is SOLD! The rest is headed to ebay tonight at a higher price. The sportcoat is awesome, buy it you will love it. And HF suits with Loro Piana fabric, side vents and flat front pants are not easy to come by. GET EM GET EM GET EM ! TWO HF suits w/ side vents and Loro Piana fabric @ $285 and one great HF fall sportcoat in wool/cashmere for $200 Gray stripe is sold. Only the tan-ish suit and the brown sportcoat remain.

Isaia solid tan 49C base v suit It was a custom job that didn't get picked up, so watch the measurements, but it's a good deal for the $$. $400 > $380 > $360 > $340 > $320

KITON Including a Blanc Blu Super 180's. I've got two left at great prices. Here's the link to the previous listing: $1,000 for either of the two remaining NWT Kiton suits in 54L or 56L !!!

SC's ***** SC's ***** SC's ***** SC's

Brunello Cucinelli 52R Tan & cream houndstooth, no lebow patches, unflapped ticket pocket, 95% wool & 5% cashmere (or 90% wool & 10% cashmere - can't remember right now), 3 roll 2, side vents. My size...... I have a RL jacket in almost the same pattern or it would be in the "hold" pile. $2,500 retail. $650 > $615 > $585 > $550 > $520 I'll be listing it on ebay this week for much more!

Chest - 44.5
Waist - 42.5
Sleeve – 25.75
Length - 30.25 (BOC)
Shoulders – 19.5

Isaia blue blazer Your basic, staple blue sportcoat. Isaia Aquaspider wool. 3 button, side vents, Base V. I have this in a 42R and a 54C. The BOC measurment on the 54 short is 30.5, which is the same as most of the suits and its 52R brother. Also, when I hang the 52R and the 54C (short) back to back, the button position is only different by less than 1/2 a button. No idea why this is, but the point is that the 54C is very very close to being an R in length and button stance. $600 > $570 > $540 $500 !!!! LAST CUT BEFORE EBAY!!!!

52 8R
Chest - 43
Waist - 41.5
Sleeve – 25.5
Length – 30.75 (BOC)
Shoulders – 18

54 8S
Chest - 45.5
Waist - 43.5
Sleeve – 25.5
Length – 30.5 (BOC)
Shoulders – 18.75

Canali blue blazers & sportcoats Again, this is your standard issue staple blue jacket. I have this in a 56R and a 58L with smoky gray mother of pearl buttons and in a 56L with brass/gold buttons. Nordstrom has Canali jackets like this on their website for $1,195. I'm looking for $300 > $265 > $250 > $225 > $200 > $190 > $180 !!!!! each, which seems pretty fair for such a well-made staple.

56 7R
Chest - 47
Waist - 46
Sleeve – 26
Length – (BOC)
Shoulders – 19.25

56 7L
Chest - 47.5
Waist - 45.5
Sleeve – 27 + 1 to let
Length – 32.25 (BOC)
Shoulders – 21

58 7L
Chest - 48.5
Waist - 46.5
Sleeve – 27.5
Length – 33.5 (BOC)
Shoulders – 21

Zegna Trofeo Silk SC Size 58L, 51% silk/49% wool, $1795 retail. Good looking coat. $350 > $325 > $300 > $275 > $250 > $235

Chest - 48
Waist - 47
Sleeve – 27
Length – 33 (BOC)
Shoulders – 20.25

***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD ***** SOLD *****

Rafael Caruso Sartoria Parma Here's the link to the last time I posted it. $400 shipped, less than my cost.

Isaia Blue Fine Stripe suit Base S, two button, dual vent, flat front pants, year-round weight. I bought this to wear myself as another option to a plain blue suit. The stripes are fine enough and close enough together that it appears solid blue from 3 feet. Basted sleeves w/ buttons in the pocket. $750

Zegna mainline 42L suit navy blue with pinstripes in a mid blue and a tan color. Three button, side vents, dual pleat pants. $1995 retail. Yours for $500.

Isaia Charcoal Solid I think I wrote all I can about this suit in the thread I linked to earlier. It’s awesome. HEAVY fabric. This will last forever. And trust me when I tell you the shoulders are just put together different on this one and are not as narrow as they appear. $625

Oxxford blue blazer, 44 short, 3 button rolling over the top, so a 3/2.5 I guess. The fabric on this is fantastic, and there is amost no shoulder padding. If this is your size, this is a HELLUVA staple. I THINK the BOC measurement is around 30, but I can't tell for sure b/c the store LEFT THE SENSOR ON and it's pinned in a way that affects that measurement. Anyhow, it's typical Oxxford quality w/ a $3,295 retail. I'd take $450 > $425 for it.

Isaia Moleskin Thick tan cotton moleskin. Base S, I have this in 52R and 54R, again, just looking to get my $ back @ $300 > $285 > $270

Isaia 54R Base S side vent, basted sleeves, from STP. Just looking to get my money back @ $300 > $285 > $270 > $255 for a NWT, IN-SEASON, SUPER 120's ISAIA SC!!!! YOU SAVAGES!!! if this price cut doesn't move it I'll keep it and start eating more donuts.

Isaia Charcoal Stripe suit Two button, side vents, flat front pants, basted sleeves w/ buttons in the pocket. This one is tagged as Isaia Napoli Argento. What the Argento adds or subtracts, I do not know. It has all of the same tailoring features as the others. $750 > $710 > $675 > $640 > $600 !!!!!

Isaia Gray / Silver Solid Base L, three button, dual vent, flat front pants, year-round weight wool. This is almost a black/white sharkskin type fabric w/ a silvery grey effect. The jacket measurements on this one virtually mirror the houndstooth Base S, fwiw. Pants are a bit slimmer though. Sleeves have buttons attached w/ faux buttonholes. $650 > $615 > $585 > $555 > $525 > $495 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Zegna Traveler Micronosphere 42L blue birdseye-ish sportcoat, traveler model has lightly padded shoulders, lots o pockets inside, side vents, two buttons, sleeves finished w/ buttons, fabric is 80 wool / 20 silk, unflapped ticket pocket a la B Cucinelli, nice coat for the dough. $200 shipped in the US, no price drops, just priced to move now.
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Is it just me, or are lots of items missing prices?

Great seller, BTW.
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40R/52EU please.
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shitty seller with even crappier goods ..err bads.
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Originally Posted by FStyles View Post
shitty seller with even crappier goods ..err bads.
I wanted to wait for a noob to chime in but alas, didn't want to derail the purpose. bravo flappers, nice haul EDIT ***** where'd a kiton!?!?
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Awesome price for Isaia houndstooth suit.
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Might be interested in one of your suits... I'll PM.
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10/21 price cuts. Let's move it out people.
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I keep getting tempted by that Isaia Charcoal Solid - does anyone know if that is a standard Gregory model?

I have that moleskin - $300 is a great price.

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Price cuts and added the Cantarelli suit and Brunello Cucinelli sportcoat.
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I realize you just posted the Cantarelli suit but could you post the measurements when available? Also, is the real color best represented in the third photograph? Thanks!
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Price CUTS! Will make a good deal if you buy everything in this thread.
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PM sent
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SF Mod approved price cuts!
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Brunello Cucinelli 52R Tan & cream houndstooth

how are those cuffs finished? how much room to shorten? also, double vent? thanks!
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