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What to wear with brown ties?

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Just bought two brown ties I really like. However, any ideas of what colour shirts and suits to match them with? All my shirts are white, blue or pink and suits are navy or charcoal pinstripe.

Both ties are brown, although they look burgandy in the picture. One on the left has gold dots. One on the right has stripes that are light blue/navy and orange/red.

Also, does a brown tie require brown belt and shoes? Or is that something I should deliberately avoid?

Thanks for any comments/advice.

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if only Jon hadnt scared ernest away from this guy's farm.... i wear them with light blue shirts occasionally, white of course. I guess its not necessarily necessary, but yeah, I wear them with brown shoes and belts.
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I don`t see the problem...what combo would NOT fit with those ties?
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I like those ties...who made them?
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Both are Brooks Bros.
I just figured brown ties are less versatile because they're not so commonly seen...or whether there are special 'rules' about brown.

Other opinions on brown tie requiring brown belt/shoes?
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Pink and blue, mostly. Cream is better than white, with a brown tie, in my opinion. The tie on the left looks like it would go particularly well with a pink shirt.
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One suggestion that I particlarly like: blue shirt and light grey suit.
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Originally Posted by Vintage Gent
One suggestions that I particlarly like: blue shirt and light grey suit.

Completely agree with that
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For the one on the left an dark brown SB or DB with copper pinstripes & white/cream dress shirt would look terrific. There is an ad also with a brown glen plaid paired with a pinstripe in dark brown in this month's Men's Vogue that looks quite sharp.
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Originally Posted by gdl203
Completely agree with that

Nice one!
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my 2 pence worth:

I wouldnt wear any of these with a navy blue suit (maybe the stripey one with a sky shirt); if the suit is light grey (like examople on pciture) it does fit well but not a darker gray; surely both ties would look nice iwth cream/beige suit, pink or sky shirt.
As for brown belt/shoe to match said ties, its an option but not a necessity
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Called to the scene of a style crisis.

Oops, false alarm.

If you're desperate to avoid facile combinations, don't wear a blue tie with a blue shirt.
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I'll wear an orange shirt with either of these ties and a brown stripe suit. Lavender /lilac shirts also work well with brown tie /suit, one of my favorite combinations.
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A couple ideas off the top of my head: - Solid white dress shirt - Taupe suit - Brown striped white dress shirt - Brown suit - Light blue dress shirt - Gray suit - Lilac dress shirt - Charcoal suit
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Personal coloring is another consideration. For example, while a brown tie and a pink shirt might look good on a mannequin, the combination is unlikely to flatter a man with a ruddy complexion.

Also, be careful about wearing a shirt in a similar color to one of the tie's stripes. From a distance, that can look very strange.
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