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Whoopee hacking jackets!

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Originally Posted by whoopee
First off I don't consider what I have very Huntsman, but they can do pretty much whatever you ask, so if you are clear about what you want (and your ideas are not wrong), you will have great results.

I am going to have a couple tweed hacking jackets made for the upcoming winter in a couple months. Remind me in August if you like and I'll let you know how it's turned out.

So howd they turn out?
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perhaps you should PM him as a reminder!
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I think we all want pics
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First off, I didn't end up using real tweed. Instead I used a beautiful Harrison's cashmere and a Holland & Sherry soft wool "donegal". Also, Chan made the jackets isntead of A-Man (I just got some trousers from them and they're great BTW). They've made me an absolutely smashing three-piece suit - SB peak with DB waistcoat using Golden Bale. I guess I have to try to get some decent pics up soon, but they're not terribly appropriate for the current weather. Edit: one of the jackets is one its way to me, and I'm getting a couple shirts in the near future that may be worth photographing, too. So this may take some time. The H&S "donegal" (HS535) is really comfortable stuff and fairly priced, for H&S. 13 1/2 oz but it's rather porous and should be perfect for early-mid autumn and mid-late spring.
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great...judging from your past chan experiences, they already seem to have the perfect sense of what looks brilliant on your body already. Can't wait to see the pictures.
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Gotta get some pics man.
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The jacket is by Chan (aforementioned H&S cloth), the sweater Dries Van Noten, the sagging trousers A-Man (Harrisons 39029), the shoes EG Inverness in burnt pine. Better pictures to follow in the near future.
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I love that jacket. It's the pocket flaps. I dig 'em.
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that looks pretty cool it would look great in corduroy too! what is the vent, single or double?
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Looks great to me. All of the items you have had made look terrific to me.
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just what i've been waiting for! haha...
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Nice jacket whopee.
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Eagerly awaiting more pictures....

I've already decided that I need a faux-Donegal tweed jacket, but I'm undecided whether to ask Chan or a local tailor to make it for me. So I'm anxious to see pictures and learn how you like your Chan jacket.

whoopee, your DB suit from Chan is probably still the most spectacular garment I've seen posted here (excepting the infamous RLPL butt thong).
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Originally Posted by thinman
Eagerly awaiting more pictures....
Ditto. Mine has become very much an odd-jacket wardrobe and it's nice to see what others have had made. Oddly enough, when I went into Tip Top a few weeks ago, they said they had no tweed. No tweed! Still lots of lovely stuff to choose from, but no tweed!
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