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Barantini quality?

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I really need to get some kind of briefcase fit for a lawyer that fits a 15.4" wide laptop. I'm looking at the Barantinis on STP. Anyone have experience with those?
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I have one (soft side brief) and have been very happy with it. Leather and styling are great and it seems well constructed
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I was wondering the same thing , I think I saw Soph post a pic with one and it was very elegant.
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Very pleased, very soft leather, very well constructed and durable and easily acquired for 1/4 of retail makes it a tremendous value.
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I just got the double one from STP to fit a tablet pc and all the items I need to carry.
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Which one exactly? Does it fit 15.4" (widescreen) fine?

Basically I was wondering what length of briefcase fits those slightly larger models. I was thinking you'd need to look for at least 17 inches.
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I just bought it so I will let you know when it comes but it was the double buckle one.

I haven't found a good bag for 17 inchers, so for my powerbook 17 I look at Shaun Jackson's backoffice. Very neat.
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I purchased the extra wide brown case and it is spectacular. The locks , leather , and quality are incredible. Worth every penny from STP.
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Any point of comparison, to American brands for example?

Does it have a shoulder strap and separate laptop compartment?
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This bag I think was strictly made for large legal folders and lots of documents, but I have another neoprene sleeve I use for my tablet pc and smaller laptops that I put in and then put in this bag and for a powerbook 17 it could fit but I think you want something with a lot more padding or another sleeve.

The locks and leather quality are as good if not better than my purple label bag.

For everyday work I use the Shaun Jackson BackOffice and for first time meetings I use this bag.
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I noticed a couple of nice looking bags on sale at Levenger. I know nothing of the quality, and the size might be too small for your needs, but there's the Oxford bag and the Trafalgar bag, both made in England.
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