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What amount of perfume is considered proper?

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We all know for men, cologne or any frangrances should be applied just so that a nice whiff is smelt when someone gets close, and never to permeate the whole room with the scent.

However, what is the de rigueur for women? I have noticed a lot of ladies around my age (21 to be exact) tend to use cloying amounts of perfume.
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Depends on the woman. Depends on the fragrance. I prefer classic women's fragrances, partly because I don't find many of them, to be overpowering or cloying. Exceptions exist, of course. But to my nose at least, a fair amount of fragrances put on the market during the past fifteen years, are potent. A little of Prada goes a LONG way, in this poster's opinion. Too long. I find the classics to be much easier on the nose. L'heure Bleue and Fleurs de Rocaille, are among my favorites. I love Diorella, too.
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There are some rich scents like Balenciagia's Rumba but the ones like Fracas or Joy are fairly discreet. Actually Robert Piguet's scents like Bandit are quite suitable for men due to the overall depth.
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Thanks for the explaination.

However, the main question is, should women apply perfume until the scent fills up the whole living room (or my bedroom in my case)
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Uh, oh . . . I think Fracas is effusive!! Bandit is sold both to men and to women. Same formula. My favorite scent of all time, is Balenciaga's Cialenga. That too, is on the rich side. But exquisite. I love Guerlain Parure, as well. I think that scent has been thinned out, however. I fear the same fate has befallen, L'Heure Bleue. I'm sorry, Flame . . . when it comes to fragrance, I digress. The answer to that question, is no. Unless both of you want it, that way.
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Actually Ivan I agree with you. Just that just about every hot female friend I know tries to fill my nostrils up to high heaven with their fragrances. Thank god I wasn't the only one who thought like that!
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Well, fragrance is fun, and women love to wear it. You might GENTLY ask your ladyfriends, to use a little less. Too much fragrance can break concentration. Back in the 80's, women in California were asked not to wear Giorgio, to certain restaurants.
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I would've liked to see that sign. Reminds me of the 'No durian' signs found on trains in Southeast Asia. No more than two spritzes unless it's very weak.
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I think theres a social consideration also. She may think she smells great, but it may be invading someone else's space - yours included. I think there are tactful ways of
communicating that too much of a good thing can be bad.
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Originally Posted by designprofessor
I think there are tactful ways of
communicating that too much of a good thing can be bad.

Burning at the stake, for instance.
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It's important to remember though, that your ladyfriends likely are trying to please you, and to make you remember them in the most romantic ways, by wearing perfume, albeit even too much perfume. I'm almost 51, and still I'm taken aback by how easy it is, to hurt a woman's feelings. Be gentle.
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