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Mavi jeans

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I went up to our Nordstrom's a week ago to buy some Diesel jeans, and they didn't have any styles I wanted. The guy pointed out to me some jeans made by Mavi, a Turkish company I had never heard of. As opposed to Diesel's $115 price tag on most jeans, these were only $52. I tried them on, and was very impressed with the way they felt, like a pair I had had for years and years, only without the tightness. Does anyone else have any Mavi jeans? I thought they were an interesting brand, and was wondering what sort of following they had. Their webpage is at
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No I haven't seen those. But I'm shooting up to nordstroms at lunch, I'll check them out and let you know what I think.
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Mavi jeans are very popular in New York City and I think they look terrific on girls - don't know about guys. My girlfriend wears Mavi jeans exclusively.
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Sorry about that. Didn't see this section.
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I love mavi jeans. Not too expensive and they do feel great.
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I agree.. Mavi does have cool jeans for guys as well... w/ different style and colors... The price isn't that bad compared to Diesel... and it's comfortable... They actually have their own store in NYC.. not sure about in other city though....
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Wow, a Mavi store. That'd be neat. Our Nordstrom's at Mall of Georgia has... four pair I believe, maybe just three. It's a very disappointing store. Lawyer, don't you live in ATL? Could you recommend some stores in which a college student could shop? By the way, all of you NYCers, someone have a room for me if I decide on coming up this summer? I won't eat your toes or anything, I swear. Disclaimer: I was kidding about that last part. Not that I won't eat your toes, because I wouldn't. About someone putting me up. Even I think that's weird and I'm from hospitable Georgia.
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The mavi store in soho is nice. While you're there, try J.J. Turks, they are by the same designer. Rumor has it he had a falling out with Mavi.
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For Michael, Im also gonna be living in New York City this summer, but i have a roomate. Your best option is to get housing through NYU. We have great dorms all located downtown, mostly in the Village and Union Square. If you take a class housing is as low as $110-$150 per week, without a class its around $200-$250 per week. This is probably your best bet, unless you find someone to put you up for free. Good luck.
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