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I'm wearing my new Charvet from today, and ooooooooooo boy does it tie a nice not. Big, soft, perfectly symmetrical half-windsor.

For next week I have the Kiton and Drake's that I picked up at the Barney's warehouse sale, then a brand new dark navy Nicky.

These are the nicest ties I've ever owned. It's awfully fun to be the best-dressed man in the office. Thanks, guys!
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Charvet definitely ties the best knot, IMHO. Hermes also ties a clean half-windsor, as does Turnbull and Asser.

While Kiton makes very luxurious ties, the fabric is sufficiently bulky that the knots can sometimes be ugly. (In fact, I'm wearing one now that, due to bulkiness, didn't come out the way I like).
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Yeah, I'm wearing the Kiton right now. While it's beautiful, the knot isn't perfect.
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Originally Posted by lhooq
perfectly symmetrical half-windsor.

The Charvet is a wonderful one though. I love the slight irregularity of the pattern.
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