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Counting down to the Friends and Family and SF Alumni private party. 30 minutes and counting!
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Forgot to take off the dust jacket?
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post
Who is the "RO" on those bag collaborations on your facebook page? Love those bags.

RO is a brand run by some college mates of mine. They normally make very technical-type bags, sort of an American Porter look but they went all out and made something a lot more classic and in leather for our collaboration. It's still in prototype phase, we are trying to improve on it so we can have a good product ready for December. They do a chunk of business in the USA. Korea, Japan and HK are large markets for them as well. Barneys Japan loves them. [ ]

Originally Posted by fox81 View Post
i would like to see a drakes tie with the lion on it

Originally Posted by bleachboy View Post
As a sort of design whore, I want to compliment you on a kickass logo. I really like that the lion is waving its umbrella a little bit on the website.

Originally Posted by arc View Post
If I had a clothing store like this I would be very tempted to have a display case in some dark corner holding AE Seconds, a pink Attolini cashmere tie, white Kiton jeans, a Ferrari jacket, Mulholland deerskin bag and other such iGent in-joke miscellany.

Also concur that a motif tie (or better yet ps) with that logo would be pretty cool. A PS would be a reasonably easy commission too, I should think.

We love the logo, too and are currently working with Drakes to have it woven instead of printed. It's like you folks can predict the future.

Originally Posted by arc View Post
Don't forget AE seconds.

The store sounds fantastic. Any plans to evangelize Mr. Hills' fanciful tweeds in the East? From what I understand he's always on the lookout for new opportunities, and has some RTW going now.

Guy Hills and I are very good friends, I've been a supporter of Dashing Tweeds since its inception. There are a few pictures of me in his blog. Unfortunately, it's a tough sell in Hong Kong. It's just so hot

Originally Posted by apropos View Post
They bear a strong resemblance to the Delvaux newspaper bag...

Originally Posted by factorial View Post

Forgot to take off the dust jacket?

Sharp eyes! You're the second person to notice that. We just left it in as a little joke, didn't think anyone would pick it up but we were wrong!
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Proper pictures to follow, but here are some cheesy ones from our first day of business!
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very nice Mark, hope you had lots of whiskey and cigar last night.
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store looks excellent.
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Its nice when the girls climb the ladder.
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The store looks amazing, as do the goods. Best of luck with the business! I hope to be in Hong Kong sometime next year and I'm really looking forward to visiting.
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Congrats yfyf & the best of luck.
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Some pics at
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Congratulations on your grand opening yfyf! I'll have to add you to my must visit list by in my next HK visit.
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Congrats, best of luck. Sorry to have missed the opening by a few days! Will definitely stop by next time.
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Congratulations gentlemen! The store looks fantastic.
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I hope there were adult beverages....
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^ Pol Roger did indeed flow at one point
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