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Formal Accessories

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I am having trouble deciding on the accessories for my wedding at the end of this month.

I am wearing a one button, peak lapel tux. My shirt is pleat front with a turn down collar and a black bow tie. My problem lies in the braces/cummerbund/studs department.

My original thought was to wear braces without a cummerbund (wearing both seems like too much). This configuration would leave 5 buttons exposed above the waistband of my trousers (not counting the collar button behind my bow tie). Most stud sets that I've seen have only four studs, which would leave one standard button exposed.

How have others overcome this problem?

As I see it, my options are as follows:

1) Braces, 4 studs, one exposed button.
2) Cummerbund, no braces
3) Braces, buy a second set of studs (not preferred for financial reasons...)

On a related note, is it even appropriate to not wear either a cummerbund or vest?
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I would offer a fourth option: a vest. It should cover the lower button. Moreover, I think that it looks better than a cumberbund with a SB peak-lapel dinner jacket.

While some may disagree, I believe that either a black silk or white pique vest would be well suited (the later following the precedent of the Duke of Windsor).

Not wearing a vest or cumberbund is not really a good option IMHO.

Braces, on the other hand, are always appropriate with a semiformal ensemble.
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Originally Posted by ADR275
My original thought was to wear braces without a cummerbund (wearing both seems like too much).

Why would that be the case? The purpose of the cummerbund is to cover the area where the trousers meet the shirt, which would also cover the ends of the braces. Of course, you also will have your dinner jacket on and buttoned, which would also hide your braces ends.

Or you could always wear a vest...
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Wearing braces and a cumberbund is standard...
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A well-done formal shirt with a single buttoned jacket should have only two studs exposed.
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Wearing a vest is better
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I agree on the vest. This is the one day and event that you can guarantee that all eyes will be on you-and nothing makes a guy feel and look like a million bucks than a three-piece suit or a vested tux. Just be sure you get a nice, elegant black vest that compliments your tux and not one of those confetti-colored jobbers!
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Is it really that much of a faux pas to go without either cumberbund or vest?

As a matter of personal preference, it seems to me a cleaner look, but would it be an unthinkable thing??

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Firstly, it's a cummerbund. Secondly, it is indeed a faux pas of major proportion to forgo wearing either a cummbund or vest with a single breasted dinner suit. As to the perception that sans cummerbund is a cleaner look, egads man, the purpose of a cummerbund is to clean up the line between shirt and trousers and disguise any bunching or puckering of your shirt. Additionally, it visually extends the length of you leg and prevents any unsightly flash of white below the button of your jacket.

Wear a cummerbund or vest and be the perfect compliment to your bride to be.
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