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French Cuff

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Is it ok to wear a shirt with french cuffs and not wear a suit jacket (only a tie)?

I really like cuff links, I'm just not sure if there are any "rules" to keep in mind when wearing them.
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Well, I'd say wear a sportcoat or something if possible.
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Originally Posted by Stazy
Is it ok to wear a shirt with french cuffs and not wear a suit jacket (only a tie)?

I don't like the look of French cuffs without a suit and eschew them even with a sportcoat. That said, I would never wear a tie without a coat anyway. If you are comfortable wearing this, do it. It will look like you left your jacket somewhere though.
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I wear them on a regular basis with a navy blazer.
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There is little disagreement that wearing a tie without a jacket of some kind looks bad. This is true whether or not the shirt has French cuffs. The more usual question about French cuffs has to do with wearing them with a jacket, but without a tie. I personally think that they look pretty awful without a buttoned-up shirt and tie. One then might ask whether one has to be wearing a suit--as opposed to sports jacket and trousers--to warrant French cuffs. On this you'll get differences of opinion. For me, as long as I'm wearing a jacket (suit jacket or sports jacket) and tie, I like French cuffs. With sports jackets I usually wear silk knots in the French cuffs, whereas with suits, I wear metal cufflinks. For most dress occasions now, I wear French-cuff shirts, as I prefer them to button-cuff shirts.
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I appear to be in the minority. I wear french cuffs with or without jackets, but only fasten them with silk knots in any case.

I don't wear ties without jackets though. So F/C - tie combo doesn't happen on me without the jacket. I work in a very casual office so ties are kind of taboo.
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I normally prefer double cuffs only with suits, but I just received a vintage pair of links in gunmetal that seem very casual. As such, I may wear them with sportcoats. So, in short, I think it depends, in part, on the cufflink. Flashy gold or silver only with suits, for me.
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It's another look but not to the taste of most forum members.
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I am replacing my working wardrobe with french cuffs only and I work in warm warm weather....so its french cuffs and no suits for me Looks good i think
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sometimes when I go dancing I'll wear a french cuff shirt with no tie or jacket with casual pants. sometimes even gets a compliment
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Works for me, maybe not for everyone.
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not my cup of tea, but i am not against it!
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If so, I'd have to go with silk knots for sure
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I'm with Kent. Bugger the rules. Do as you please.
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Originally Posted by royal618
I'm with Kent. Bugger the rules. Do as you please.

a caveat: the older you get, the more the rules become less flexible.
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