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moderntailor shirt fit. please critique!

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Hi all, long time reader, first time poster.

Decided to take the plunge and order a modern tailor trial shirt. the shirt quality is better than what I was expecting, and the time it took to arrive was very quick. The only thing was that they forgot to send my fabric swatches. but after reading a bit more in the official thread, I'm glad they didnt send it as the swatches are irrelevant.

Anyway, just wondering if i could get some criticism on the shirt fitment? apologies for the quality of the photos. they are absolutely terrible.

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Has the shirt been laundered yet? It will shrink. It is much too tight in the hips and it looks like it will tear when sitting down. At the very least will ride up very easily.
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wash it, iron it, tuck it in, then ask.
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Originally Posted by fashionarium View Post
The shoulders look right, and I agree that we need to see it tucked.

You sure? The shoulders look a bit big IMO.
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Why is it that every person who wants their MT shirt fit critiqued posts pictures without ironing the shirt? Would a five minute addition to your "from opening box to receiving feedback" time really kill you?
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- Shoulders look a little big
- Arms look a little big, though hard to tell due to wrinkling
- Arms look a little long, though for the same reasons, it's hard to tell for sure
- Very hard to give accurate estimates until you wash the shirt a couple times and then iron it

The shirt will shrink in the wash. Exactly how much is difficult to say, because it depends on the particular cloth used. Regardless, you'll want to wash and shrink this shirt before we can comment about its fit.
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hi crew, sorry about the belated reply. work has been killing me. heres the new photos as requested. please hit me with any suggestions.
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Shoulders maybe a tad big. Armholes could be a higher / upper arms slimmer, but not bad overall. Make your bed.
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Looks pretty good except shirt comes away from your body a bit too much when your arms are out. Not sure what the specific reason is but I think might be related to comment above that sleeves are too wide / armholes could be smaller.
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ok so ill - decrease the shoulders (would an inch be too much?) - decrease the upper arms - make my bed :P should i increase or decrease the upper arms?
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Originally Posted by lychee View Post
ok so ill

- decrease the shoulders (would an inch be too much?)
- decrease the upper arms
- make my bed :P

should i increase or decrease the upper arms?

An inch out of the shoulder should about do it. The armhole thing is really preference. It looks good as is. Going tighter may prove to be the slightest bit restrictive, which sucks if you sit at a desk all day. I have a BB Extra Slim shirt that I hate wearing to work because the armholes and upper arms fit.

You look better than 99% of the schmucks out there. Except for your bed.
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Are you going to wear it with an open collar? Unlike several others, I think the shoulders are fine as, when standing with your arms at your side, they seem to break right at the edge of your natural shoulder. If you bring them in much more (an inch? ) and button the collar, I'll bet you won't be able to get the shirt on. I would raise the armscye a half inch, which will help with the bunching at the shoulders and pulling along the bottom and sides that you see when you raise your arms. The closer the armscye fits, the less movement there will be in the body of the garment. You may need to go up another half inch beyond that, but I'd order another shirt before going that high. When you're doing MTM yourself, I think you're better off to incrementally sneak up on some shirt measurements. Also, how much fabric can you pinch together at the arm pit, across the chest? If you're getting more than an inch on each side (two inch total across the garment) you may want to bring it in a little closer. Again, a slightly closer fit here (without restricting movement) will help eliminate pulling elsewhere.
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thanks guys. i want to be able to wear the shirt with an open collar or with a tie. so 1cm off the shoulders. i will make the armscye/armhole 1cm smaller as well. at the armpit its probably just over an inch on each side. so i might tighten it up a little bit. chest i've dropped 1cm. will probably go 1cm off the upper arms too. and decided to take a cm off the sleeves as well. ill order another shirt and let you know how i go.
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Even if you choose to wear like what it is now, you would still look really good in that shirt.

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