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I took a look at the Poulsen Skone shoes at Dunhill, and they don't look like they're made by Edward Green (and at $495/pair, they're not priced like it either). Perhaps what is sold in Great Britain under the Poulsen Skone label is different from what Dunhill sells under that label in the US. They also don't look like Grenson or Crockett & Jones to me. Perhaps they're made by Alfred Sargent.
As far as I know (and I was just there not too long ago), Dunhill now sells three different shoes: one by Grenson (most formal dress shoes), one by Alfred Sargent (some boots), and one Italian factory (not great). I know it is Grenson as Naturlaut has the exact pair of shoes under Grenson's label (same styling, same last, same interior, same stitching, same buckle, etc.). In Hong Kong, they are around US$570, which I think too expensive. They are difinitely not Edward Green.