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Most common style mistakes

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Inspired by the success of our recent topic on the five essential elements of style that every man should have, I give you the flip-side:  what, in your opinion, are the three most common style blunders that you see other guys stumble into? You might choose either the most frequently-observed mistakes (i.e. ones that too many guys make, over and over again) or, instead, the ones that just bother you the most (your own personal pet peeves).  This might include a particularly heinous garment/item; the way that something is worn; bad combinations; or something else altogether. I'd be curious to hear what you guys think, and how that matches up with my own observations.
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#1. Items with logos on blatant display. Did I mention my new line of clothing? It's called "Corporate Shill." Tommy Hilfiger is bad with this, and D&G and CK are horrible too. Whoopee, you can afford a $60 (or whatever) black cotton t-shirt that says D&G on it. You must have good fashion sense. #2. Ill-fitting pants. Pants are supposed to come to your waist, which is a bit below your navel. Does it make you feel better about yourself to buy the ones with a smaller number inside and then hang your gut over the top? Pants also are supposed to hang to the bottom of your shoe, more or less. No sock showing, no extra piles of fabric. It's really very simple. #3. Generally, underdressing for an occasion. One simply does not go to the opera in a polo shirt, but many men do. It is extremely insulting to performers to have their audience appear not to care at all about the event. One also does not go out to do anything of any import, whether it is dinner, business, or just out and about, while wearing basketball shoes. If they are Chuck Taylors, worn for the purpose of looking like Chuck Taylors, they can work in some situations. But how can you expect anyone to take you seriously in those beat up (or even brand new) Nikes? I could rattle off dozens of these, but these are the ones that first came to mind as bugging me the most. These are not faux pas, they are poor taste, and there is a difference. Faux pas are excusable, while poor taste is very difficult for me to excuse. I'd like to hear what everyone else has to say on this.
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Being a big fan of the double-breasted look here's two that apply: 1. Wearing a button down shirt witth a bouble breasted suit. 2. Leaving the jacket of same unbuttoned. A gentleman always buttons a double breatsed jacket. 3. Suspenders with metal clips. Not seen often, but horrendous.
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I'll count down: 3) A jacket that's too small. (when the guy reaches to shake your hand, and you can see half a foot of his shirt sleeve. Time to go shopping, bud.) 2) When people are underdressed. If you attend a nice event and you took time to look the part, you did so to make yourself presentable. I hate it when other guys don't even spend the time to look nice for something like a concert. 1) Finally, when someone wears a black belt with brown shoes. That really bugs me, and I notice it a lot. I don't say anything, but I notice it so much, it's started to become a pet peeve. Well, that's it.
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1. A tie that hangs too low--way past the belt buckle. 2. Shirt sleeves that are too long. 3. The Regis look.
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1. the huge tommy logos or whatever. There are guys with winter jackets and the whole jacket is a TOMMY HILFIGER. I call them walking billboards. tons of indians did this in toronto when i was at school there. it was my #1 pet peeve and why i won't even enter the hilfiger section of a store. 2. Most guys i know (I'm in college) have horrible shoes. Same pair for past 2 years, every day of the year, without ever once shining sorta thing. 3. Wear white tube socks much? you wouldnt believe how many people don't know this basic rule, even in a relatively well dressed city like montreal (although i admit it's mostly the math geeks and engineers and stuff breaking it around school). 4. cargo pants. sry but these were a fad which i never much liked in the first place, stop wearing them already. And those stupid pants gap has with the little loop.. oh yeah carpenter pants is what they call them. those suck too. I'm sure there's stuff worse than wearing cargo and carpenter pants from gap but i have serious issues with them cause at my old school, every guy i knew had a pair of both and it wasnt uncommon to see several guys show up at school on any given day wearing the same pants.
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J, as a short guy, I must defend myself for wearing jeans that lightly bunch up at the shoes. I can't help it. Ever. Jeans just don't come in 29 length. So there.
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I think it is excusable in jeans to have a somewhat bunchy look at the bottoms. The main whine I have is with ill-fitted dress trousers. There simply is no excuse for that.
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Brown jacket, black shoes. White guys wearing FuBu. Ill fitting suits Unshined shoes. Great clothes with a bad haircut (ruins any chance at being stylish ex: Bill Gates, Donald Trump) The "Abercrombie look"
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1. Fake and cheap-looking clothes 2. Too much jewelry 3. Winter boots in sommer 4. Sneakers + Oakley sunglasses with suits 5. Trying too much to be in fashion
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1. Sleeve button unbuttoned 2. White socks with loafers 3. Small jacket 4. Bulky sweater tucked into jeans 5. Too much jewlery 6. Tie tied either too long/too short 7. Tie knot up, but shirt collar unbuttoned (what the f*ck?) 8. Black shoes/brown belt (or vice-versa)
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I have one that ties in with some of the other replies- Sport Coats and suit jackets who's sleeves are too long. I've ALWAYS been told from my father, grandfather, even my grandmother that you let about a half inch or so of shirt cuff show. You don't know how many people I see break this rule. The only people I see who regularly follow this are extremly professional guys, older gentlemen, and people who's jacket is too small overall, which bothers me as well (but which I've been guilty of before. I'll admit it. I'm kinda tall and fall in between sizes.) There's my 2 cents worth
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Pet Peeves: Short Ties White socks with dressy shoes Too short pants I am also not a fan of tight fitting blue jeans.
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GQgeek, GQLawyer, and Fraternitystud, I could not agree with you more on the athletic white socks. These should be worn during ATHLETICS. Another thing I just recalled-- dress socks with shorts. I think that people look like such goobers when they do this. One of my friends did it recently and all I could do was laugh. When I wear shorts, I only wear ankle socks or none at all. Does anyone else thinks this is crazy? It just doesn't look right- and most of the time, when people do it, they're wearing tennis shoes.
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1)Anything not used on clothes ex., shirt tucked in and no belt. Button holes not used. If its a button down collar, button down. otherwise get non button down collars. You get the point. 2)socks and shorts. I personally dont like the look of socks being seen constantly. Socks should not be seen any more than boxers should or wife beater t's. Its underwear. Go without socks, get odor eaters. 3)Digital Watches. C'mon people, it was fun not to have to think to hard in the eighties, but i think we're ok now, huh?
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