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"Distressed" jeans

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or, "a stitchy situation"

With the recent popularity of people buying obviously pre-distressed jeans with evenly placed holes carefully worn in them by machines, is there a place in fashion for jeans with genuinely earned holes? Furthermore, with the selling of shirts with intentionally "off" stitching (one of my bosses has a salmon colored tshirt, the pocket of which has a "random" spasm of black stitching at the corner) is there a place for genuinely distressed clothing?

The only reason I ask: My absolute favorite pair of jeans had acquired a small hole at the knee. It wasn't enough for me to worry about because they were already quite worn and several years old. But over the weekend (and with the help of some drunken midnight grass volleyball) the earnestly earned hole has split into a solid four inch tear. I'm a little distressed. Hah!

Okay. There's no way to stitch it up without being obvious. Can I use this latest bothersome trend to my advantage, and just stitch up the hole with, say, bright red thread? There's something to be said for the admission of it; not trying to hide it, right? Furthermore, if I did this, would I still be able to wear these jeans for Casual Fridays at the office? We're a business casual graphic design and marketing firm, with an emphasis on the casual.
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For the longevity of your jeans, repair the tear ASAP. Well-done repairs add character. I don't know that I'd wear them to the office, but if you think you can get away with it...
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Do you have any links or quick info about "properly" repairing tears? If at all possible I'd prefer to do it myself, on principal. (I earned the hole, I should fix it)
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If I may, here is Brian SD's favorite denim repair link. [courtesy of 45rpm]
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Wow, that's impressive! Thanks for the info. I doubt I could do that seamless (badump-ching!) of a job, but I can give it a shot. Maybe I'll just do it with the orange thread and see if anyone says anything.
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