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Originally Posted by pstoller
By the way, speaking of restricting colors...a matching metal band is probably more versatile than a black leather one. Think about wearing the watch with brown belt and shoes. (Personally, I've sidestepped this issue with a deep sage green alligator band"”it matches nothing exactly, but coordinates with everything.)
The sage green alligator band might be a solution to my problem...
Now, I observe that my original question regarding leather colours has drifted towards the choice of metal (gold, silver).
Returning to my original question, my probem is actually quite specific. I am no watch geek, and I do not wish to start a watch collection. I have two watches, both in stainless steel (silver colour).
One has a black face and black leather watch band.
The other one has a kind of dark blue/grey face and a stainless steel watch band.
Both are quite cheap and very conventional (I guess that the most expensive one does not cost more than EUR 300, at the most).
The other day I saw a Tissot watch I really liked, nothing special when it comes to quality (not automatic, for example; the price was EUR 485), but I really liked the design of it. It really looked nice. White face, black leather watchband.
I guess that what I could do is buy that watch, and then change the leather strap of the old black face watch to a brown leather band. Then I would be able to combine that one with my brown belt and shoes.
Or I might go for a nice green watchband. Actually, the more I think of that possibility, the more I like it. I could get it in a colour to match my green eyes.