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I was surfing around and stumbled across

Prada America's Cup sneakers for $129. Should I even have to ask if they are fake?

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Now this is interesting... Appears to be Spam, but it questions its own products...

Or is it trying to appeal to an audience that is not concerned about whether their shoes are genuine or not?

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Reverse psychology?

Didn't we have a post about recently, asking the same thing? Perhaps there's a trend here.
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ha, that is too too funny. good call VKK3450.

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I'd like to see Coke come up with a campaign like that. "Does Coke taste like crap? Buy a can. Opinions?"
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hmmm... interesting ploy. perhaps i should use that as a pick up line: hi. i'm <acidicboy>, a lot of girls think i suck at sex. would you care to find out if i really do?
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here is another you could use "if you suck my penny's they will grow in pounds"
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