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Upholstery question.

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Roy Biggins and I are undertaking an unconventional furniture project.

We purchased what we believe is a shoeshining chair (there are two steps up to an elevated seat -- very amusing to just sit around in the apartment) from a thrift store for $6. The frame is made of what seems like iron, and we intend to paint it white. Presently, the upholstery consists of faded red vinyl on the arms, seat, and back. We'd like to source some fairly cheap upholstery material, likely vinyl, in either white or some very bright color in order to make the object really pop.

I've poked around on eBay a bit looking for upholstery materials, but have not had much luck. Does anyone have any advice?
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Your local fabric store (Hancock, JoAnn, Cloth World, etc.) should stock or be able to order vinyl for your needs. For the quantities you're looking for, the cost will be more than the chair but probably not too prohibitive.

On ebay I've had luck finding leather hides in varying qualities and quantities, but I've never tried vinyl. There's also Tandy leather for hides if you go that route. Upholstery hides are a bit less expensive but they tend to be split hides. Not a bad compromise IMHO.

Outside of that you might keep your eyes out for reclamation projects... Sofas waiting for trash pick-up, Salvation Army, etc. and use that material.

Good luck with your project.
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