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What does everyone do for a living?

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As many of the regular posters here seem to have a "wealth" of knowledge regarding the clothing industry I began to wonder - how many are actually employed in the industry and what do others do that help them financially support their "research" and facilitate their ability to enjoy the finer aspects? I have been able to infer that some are shop owners, lawyers, bankers, etc. - what do you do? Also, how much is "too much" to spend on any one article of clothing? Suits ($3.5k?), Shirts ($350?), Jacket ($2.75k?) Not trying to pry - just curious.
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Unfortunately, I have much more knowledge than wealth at this point in my life. I'm a student about ready to graduate, but I worked in the industry (fashion show production) in NYC for a bit. Hope to get back when I graduate. How much is too much? On this board you will find many who shop high quality goods and enjoy the hunt of a fantastic discount. You will also find people with a love of bespoke suits, etc. We're quit diverse. Pete
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cpal, i've noticed you post a lot of questions and then rarely reply to the answers/advice given to you. if you're going to ask what everyone does for a living, you could start by answering the question yourself. you're beginning to make me think you are a market analyst of some sort. merry christmas.
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Sorry - banking consultant here Ask a lot of questions to learn from others ... everyone seems to have some good opinions on here and, as I'm still in the process of learning/forming my own I am purely interested in hearing from those who have more experience on both sides of the register. Thanks.
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I'm a second year college student majoring in Business/Marketing and aiming for a minor in finance or enterpreneurship. Since I don't have a 'real' job yet, my clothing budget is quite low. I manage to get nicer brands through places like Marshalls, Filene's Basement, and Ebay. Its great being able to get a $190 pair of PDC jeans for $40, or a $1.5k Canali suit for $450. At this point in my life, its foolish to pay retail prices when similar brands and styles can be had for much less. I really base my pricing on random things. I'd never pay $70 for a Perry Ellis shirt but I would drop $80 on an Etro shirt in a split second. I wouldn't pay $50 for Express jeans on sale when I can go in my local Marshalls and find (hit or miss of course) Seven, PDC, Energie, or Diesel jeans for $35-50. The whole point of the last part was to say that I don't mind paying more money for something if I feel I am getting a quality item for a bargain. I do not like to pay full price for a cheaper item knowing that its inferior quality and I can get a nicer item (maybe last season but still in style, maybe a tiny and obscure manufacturing defect) for the same price.
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Well, I'm a college kid... at this point I'm working on a BT in IT with an emphasis in web development. I'm also getting certified in Digital Media and Graphic Design. I currently work for my church. My official titles are "Bulletin Editor" and "IT Consultant" but my big *whopee* salary is about $50 per week if I don't put in any extra hours, and about $100 per week if I do. That might sound like a great thing for a teen who still lives at home and has no expenses whatsoever (college aside), but you'd really think it's pathetic if you are worth $25-$30 an hour and are getting $10 and only based on 5 hours per week- I'm putting in about 50. I also do freelance work (mostly web design and some graphic stuff) My freelance work pays for college, so I can spend my church "salary" on anything I want...mainly clothes. I do a lot of online shopping. (But I never pay for shipping, it's a good tip) I won't pay more than $100 for any one article (unless it's a watch, I like watches, or cashmere, I loooove cashmere, don't get me started on my overcoat, cuz I'll never stop talking ) I'm a big TJMaxx shopper because there are real designers there but at great prices. I'm also a Burlington Coat Factory person for the same reason. Since I've started really I avoid at all costs places like Wal-Mart or Target for obvious reasons. I usually like to get a good designer outfit (shirt & pants) for under $50. It just kinda gives a thrill that I got something that could have cost triple that. I haven't bought a good (or any) suit yet. The church office is a business casual setting, and they don't have a dress code to speak of at college, so I have no need for one right now. But when it comes time, I'll probably do what I do best and bargain hunt. I haven't tried EBay yet, though. I also like stylish gadgets, which eats up most of my clothes budget, but that's a different post altogether. I think this is what you were looking for, right? Looking forward to reading other posts here...
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Another college kid here, I'm a junior majoring in History with a certificate in American Studies. Based on my track record so far, I'm probably heading to law school, though truth be told I've been growing very weary with academia as of late, and the prospect of working in a generic office environment after school doesn't thrill me. I've really been trying to find some sort of summer job involving fashion or the industry, but having no inside connections seems to be making that process incredibly hard, and my school's career services seem to have a "screw you if you're not going to be an i-banker, engineer, or politician" attitude . My rambling aside, I'm just not sure where I'll end up in terms of careers yet. As for my clothing budget, I'm a discount shopper, and my purchases tend to be mostly from ebay/online stores or discount stores like Marshall's and TJ Maxx. It's been getting tougher and tougher since since my tastes have been moving up as a result of reading this forum. I know it's ridiculous to expect to find a Kiton suit for under $500 or a pair of fine English shoes for under $250, but that's what I'm holding out for. In the meantime, I just stick with brands that are high quality and style without being at the top of the line. For example, all my new shirts have been from a certain frequently mentioned custom site overseas, and my suit wardrobe includes a Canali and a rebadged Zegna (made for Etro). Of course, considering how the average person dresses, especially those my age, I think I'm doing pretty well considering my limited budget. A lot of people pay $50 for a Banana Republic shirt and $300-400 for a Jos A Bank suit, and I've been able to find much higher quality goods for the same price or less, even if they aren't on Robb Report's "best of the best" list.
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I'm in the hated (at least on here...haha) oil business. As far as how much is too much, I don't know, but for the last couple of years I have been tempted to order shirts from Alex Kabbaz (this forum's newest member)...but I still can't quite justify $500 a shirt. So I guess its definitely under 500 for a shirt. Cpal- what exactly is a banking consultant?
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I'm in the hated (at least on here...haha) oil business. As far as how much is too much, I don't know, but for the last couple of years I have been tempted to order shirts from Alex Kabbaz (this forum's newest member)...but I still can't quite justify $500 a shirt.
Oh, I certainly can't justify $500 for a shirt. Doesn't mean that I won't do it at some point, but it does mean that I'll feel profligate. To answer the questions, I work in corporate IT, and an item costs too much if 1) I can't afford it or 2) the standard of craftsmanship is not commensurate with the price. It's kind of a fuzzy standard, but like the justice said about pornography, I know it when I see it.
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I sell clothes on ebay, and am an agent for Vass shoes on the side. I feel so blue-collar right now...   How much is too much to pay? I think there is a real time/money trade-off. If you are worth a few million, or a few hundred-million, then trolling through ebay, factory outlets and consignment stores is not going to be worth your time (unless you are doing it for fun, or out of love for a deal, as a lot of my wealthy clients do.) In those cases I think the guy is justified in putting himself in capable hands for his wardrobe needs, regardless of the cost. On the other hand, if you are broke and need a good suit, then I think it's worth the time to hunt down a nicely-made garment at a discount. And there are of course shades-of-grey in between.
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I'm an electrical engineer aiming for a masters in IT security later. Been running IT departments for 10 years and ready to make a change. I'm a cheapskate when it comes to shopping and try to buy everything on sales or in outlets on my trips to USA. $500 on sale for a decent suit is fine by me but when it comes to shirts and ties I'm more of an impulse shopper and I would guess that my shirts make up two thirds of the cost of my closet. I've been known to spend $200 on a shirt but our trusty online shirtmaker has been taking care of most of my needs lately. B
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Just a humble pianist here desperately trying to finish up his doctorate at the Jailyard. If I had the bucks, I'd spend ridiculous amounts on custom clothing, but have been fortunate enough to make many judicious purchases on ebay and in Italy to accumulate a rather decent wardrobe (still need to work on the shoes, though).
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I work in media - negotiating deals with conglomerates (Time Warner, News Corp., Disney, Viacom, etc.). An exciting industry for sure. To answer the second part of your question, take a look at this:
AE's: Approx 20 pairs (purchased for $59 - $110 from AE factory store near my parents' house) E. Green: 2 pair (burgundy slip on, chestnut blucher) ($200 - $325) Foster & Sons: 2 pair (wholecut loafer & cap toe oxford) ($200) Alden/Brooks Bros: 8 pair (3 shell cordovan) ($80 - $150) Perry Ercolino: 1 pair ($130) Capanile: 1 pair JM Weston: 2 pairs ($80 - $300) Ferragamo: 10 pairs ($100 - $150) Tod's: 10 pairs (including 3 pairs boots) $75 - $140 @ Tod's outlet & Off Fifth Cole Haan: 5 pairs - primarily Bragano models ($50 - $100) R Lauren/C&J (handgrade): 1 pair (tassel loafers) ($112) Foojoy (goodyear welted): 4 pairs ($20[.] - $100) [excludes golf shoes] B Magli: 2 pairs ($140) Santoni: 3 pairs (1 Fatte a Mano) $30 - $140) Fratelli Rossetti: 1 pair ($70) Testoni: 1 pair To Boot: 1 pair Saks Driving Mocs (made in Italy) 1 pair ($40) Prada: 1 pair (white bucks) ($40) Gucci: 2 pairs ($50 - $120)
Top of the line shoes, for the price of Kenneth Coles and Sketchers (well done shoefan.) I agree with several other posters in that the value of things is dependent on a number of different factors, including how much disposable income you have. I have a fair amount (not marrried, no student loans, no kids to support, etc.), but I haven't paid retail for any of my clothes. I don't see the point in paying $70 for a shirt at Banana Republic when I can find Lorenzini shirts on discount for $30 bucks. It's not that I have a problem spending $70 dollars on a shirt, but when you can get better quality for less... I think many people here will agree - several pride themselves in finding discounts. The only problem with this arises if you need something specific. If you absolutely must have a lavender spread collar dress shirt with French cuffs, it might be hard to find at discount. I tend to buy things on general principle - if I find a good deal, I'll buy it whether I need it or not. There are a few members of this board that openly and proudly discuss buying pieces at full retail from fancy places like Kiton and Brioni. That's great - especially if you have more money than time. Myself, I prefer finding deals.
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I am a Systems Analyst in Richmond, and make decent money but not enough to enjoy anything talked about here at retail. I like most here have become almost solely a bargain hunter- it's hard not to be once you've done it and realize that with patience the good deals never stop. Oh sure I browse in the retail stores and boutiques, but I never pay retail for anything, I mean anything anymore. Even socks and underwear, it has to be on sale.. I limit my spending to Off Saks, Ebay, and when they have sales- BR, J Crew, Brooks, Dillards, etc.
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Lawyer.  Don't hold it against me. Partner in a large "corporate" firm.  One of the older guys around here, I gather. More money than time.  Annual clothing budget has been $30K+ for awhile.   All my life, I have tried to dress well.  In 1969 that meant bell bottoms, "nehru" shirts and "love beads."  In the 70's it was platform shoes, gargantuan lapels and half-inch-wide belts.  Now that I am grown-up, of course, it means classic style. I too have learned a lot from reading this forum.  What a wonderful resource is the internet.
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