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I don't think that the one from the pic is the best one, but there is a better version of this coat. Personally, I had the best experience with this kind of coat. I used it in the winter of South Brazil and had a great experience, I usually consider the "girlmometer", that is, if I succeeded with a girl using a certain kind of cloth, so I tend to use it as much as possible. In Russia, where I live now, it was the same in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

My coat is a little different from this one, tho, in the epic city of Stalingrad. When I was in Moscow, a lot of photografers asked to take a picture of mine. However, right as this forum, some people criticized it as well, but the most important for me are results :-)

For those who say that "it's not a winter's coat", I used it under -26 in Sergiev Posad, when I was in the queue to visit a monastery.