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IC: Loro Piana for Saks Fifth Avenue 3/4 Coat

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Was wondering if anyone would like this coat. - Fabric by Loro Piana for Saks Fifth Avenue Sizing: I normally wear a 40R suit and purchased a 38S for myself and it fits fine. I love this coat! - Available in Navy (only a few left) , Black, and Grey - Must make advanced payment, If your size is not available I will refund your money. - Shoot me a PM if interested ***I am not making much on these and will have to make an hour's drive to get these. I am buying these as a service to SFers. *** Asking $320 shipped CONUS UPDATE I just got back from the store and there are sizes left in black and grey. There are a couple left in navy. I may be heading back there in a few days so if anyone would like one, please PM me. I snapped pictures of the black and grey I purchased for some fellow members. Measurements of a 38R: Shoulders: 18.75" P2P: 23" Navy: only 42L available I believe Black: Grey:
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Definitely interested. Would you be able to cop a black and a grey for picture purposes? I'm a 40R, as well, and my hunch is that a 38R would be correct for me. Could you post measurements of your own?
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OP: where are you located?
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interested in black or grey. Pics and measurements would be great.
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very nice, excellent price as well. sucks being small!
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What shade of grey?
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Originally Posted by winston View Post
What shade of grey?

Mods apologies for replying but the shade is a medium-charcoal grey.

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I wish I had a better sense of the fit. I am a 38R, but pretty slim. If someone buys one that doesn't end up working for them, but might work for me, let me know.
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Purchased a black 38R. I typically wear a slim 40R and get the feeling everything will be alllll right.
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Beautiful coat! It's a shame it wouldn't fit me.
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I sent you the payment for a grey 38R.
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These are great jkts and I considered buying one from my local So5th. However, the title of the thread may be a tad misleading as Loro Piana did not make these for Saks, but rather supplied the fabrics for Sak's Chinese sub-contractor. Nevertheless a nice coat indeed.
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Great coat! I bought one a few weeks back in black very nice soft wool. They run a but large IMO Im a 46L and the it was a tad big although the 44L was too small.
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