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The Conformist (again) in DC.

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Another chance for the DC crew to see the most stylish movie ever made, Bertolucci's The Conformist, in a restored 35mm print. It's at the AFI Silver theater from Sept. 8 - Sept. 14. If we go on the 10th (Sunday) we can also see one of the all-time great cop movies, The French Connection. Now THAT"S a double feature! Two separate tickets, nowadays. French Connection's at 3 pm, with opening remarks by George Pelecanos. Don't know the times for The Conformist yet, which, don't forget, is not on DVD (and would be wasted on a small screen in any case).
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I think I've heard of the Conformist but Im gonna have to do an IMD search. I just may do the double feature though since Im like 15minutes away from that theatre (im sure your refering to the one in Silver Spring...?)
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Thanks for the heads up. Me and the wife will have to check it out. I love her AFI membership for just these sort of things.
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I'll be at the 6:00 pm show today, Sunday, Sept. 10. Any DC Forumites who find themselves there as well should make it a point to say hi. I'm easy to spot: tall, thin, auburn hair with white streaks in it, and I'll be wearing blue suede loafers by J.M. Weston. So if you see someone with blue suede loafers that are not J.M. Weston, it's not me.
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Wow! Sweet!

And I live in Silver Spring, how convenient.

I bought the Conformist a while back on Laserdisk and haven't found a laserdisk player that works yet, so I haven't seen it...

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I saw the French Connection (again, mind you) and decided to skip the conformist
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