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Burberry Trench

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Does anyone know how burberry trench coats fit. I was hoping to get a trench coat i could wear with a suit but would like one that is not overly baggy. My suits are all tailored and the last thing I would like to do is look like a rectangle.

Thanks in advance for your posts.
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wats the size of ur suit? if 38 i would say Small Burberry coat, Medium for 40 and so on
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If slim is what you want a trench coat probably isn't for you. The trench coat is meant to be loose fitting and tightened around the waist with a belt. Though because there is a belt to tighten they won't have a rectangular appearance. A single-breasted rain coat is usually without a belt and has a straight cut, but there might be some that are more fitted. Try Aquascutum.
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There are various models, but the ones I am familiar with are not slim, though I would not say baggy. Try the belted trenches if you are looking for something you can adjust.

I've heard many suggestions such as one size bigger than your suit size. But I suggest you go to a store and try it on with a suit. Depending on the model, the fit can be different. I consider them one of the best business rain gear.
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Went through the same issue a couple of years ago. Basically, you have to go to a store and try these on. I ended up with smaller size and slightly different style than I was initially looking for and have been satisfied with the decisions.

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Another option to consider. When my Burberry wears out, I'm planning to replace it with a bespoke wool topcoat, probably with an extra layer over the shoulders.

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I bought the same size as I wear for my suits, and it's pretty slim fitting.
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Originally Posted by MinnMD View Post
Another option to consider. When my Burberry wears out, I'm planning to replace it with a bespoke wool topcoat, probably with an extra layer over the shoulders.


wool overcoat to replace a trench?
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Thanks everyone for the replies. My suit jacket size is a 40R and my sleeve length on my shirts are 25.5. It looks like from the consensus that I should really just go try one on.

thanks everyone and if you see a trench that you think I may be interested in please let me know.
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Originally Posted by GBer View Post
wool overcoat to replace a trench?

yah the kind u just place it on ur shoulder and let it hang. very classy !
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I have a Burberry Trench (a light one, not a thick one for the winter) and its very loose but at the same time can be form fitting if worn with a suit. Best part is that it doesn't look baggy if I wear it as a jacket when it rains.

My suggestion is to get a light Burberry trench, and not the normal thicker material trenches. Not sure if they carry the lighter weight trenches in stores now, but maybe check out the outlets because they usually have the off-season stuff in there.
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I just wore my new Burberry trench for the first time yesterday. Its the classic trench (Trench 19) with a removable wool warmer lining. For suits/jackets I'm a 38 or 39 in most brands, but since the classic trenchcoat is quite roomy I had to size down to a 36. Fits well. Note that the classic Burberry trench coats are definitely not closely fitted in any way. It fits fine on the shoulders (and has wonderful raglan sleeves), and you can control the waist suppression by how tightly you knot/buckle the belt, but below the belt its slightly flared. Its not a modern look at all. If you want something more fitted, consider the Burberry Porsum trenches. I had tried one of those as well, and it definitely emphasizes your body shape very well. I didn't pick it cuz it was about $600 more than the classic trench (which is already expensive at $1700), and it just wasn't as timeless as the classic trench. The difference between the two is like comparing an Isaia suit to a Oxxford suit.
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slightly off topic here, but I would appreciate if anyone could help me. Picked up a burberrys overcoat recently from a thrift store with "dfr" written below the logo on the tag. Does anyone know what this means?
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I bought my wife a MTM Burberry trench a few years ago. Go that route, and you can get it however you want.
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