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fading red shorts?

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just picked up a pair of red shorts (bass co., not murray's).
since they won't be seeing much immediate wear, i was wondering if there was some way to "accelerate" the fading of these shorts during the offseason.


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I have no idea if this would work or not but you might try washing them.
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oh sorry styleoasis, i should clarify - what might be done apart from throwing it into the washer repeatedly (which seems a sloow process)? salt? throw it out in the rain? i have no experience/know how with this stuff.

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I would use a tiny bit of bleach (diluted first before adding!!) in a wash. Use more if that isn't enough fading. You could also lay them out somewhere where the sun can hit them and help the fading process.
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I have read that dunking the garment in salt water, then drying it in the sun, will accelerate the fading process.
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I'm probably older than a lot of you (late 40's) and when I was VERY young (4-5), I remember my mother washing all our new madras shorts in salt water to "set" the dyes before we could wear them. Now, I wasn't old enough to question it, and maybe those dyes were different, but if my mother did it, it worked. She and her mother were the mother superiors of laundry.

That said, my grandmother also used to "grass bleach" the white sheets, i.e. after they had been laundered, she would re-wet them and let them dry out in the sun on the grass. Whiter sheets were not possible.

Therefore, I would hesitate over the salt dip - although it is probably different dyes - but I would deifintitely try the wet and let dry in the sun, repeat, method.

Good luck and let us know what works.
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Do you live in a hot climate? If so, put him outside for a couple of days. It was so hot here yesterday you could literally fry and egg on the sidewalk.
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soak them in boiled water and washing powder, that will do the trick and give them a few good washes
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