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Crodile Hunter Dies from Stingray!

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I saw this in the paper. Crocodile Hunter got a stingray spine through his heart. DOA at the hospital.
Sad news, but my first reaction was to kind of laugh in disbelief. It's like videos of people that mess with bears, then get comfortable -and then, wham!- the bear snaps 'em in two.
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Yeah, I was going to laugh and crack jokes but then you remember how nice of a guy he seemed and also I saw a picture of him with his kids and I can't help but feel real sad for his family and sad that it happened. The guy seemed genuine and really loved and enjoyed what he did. I learned a lot of stuff from his show that I would not have otherwise. Some years back I might have cracked jokes, but now as a father I am truly saddened when children lose their mom or dad.
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Yes, I agree.
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Now people will know what happens when they mess with creatures of the sea!
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Too young and little kids at home.
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on the brighter side, i think he did more than anybody else in history for animal conservation. no one can wear those worn-in hiking boots again.
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yeah. A great Australian who I think will be missed all over the world - if only for the fact that the crazy bastard was such a crazy bastard. In among the zillions of tributes Ive read in the Australian newspapers was one who complimented his approach to conservation. Paraphrasing follows - essentially he was a conservationist who never needed to get preachy, he simply showed his passion for wildlife and made everyone else want to save it through sheer exuberance. Very sad news, but I guess at least he died doing what he loved.
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He did say that if he died and they filmed it, they would have too show it.
He sure was crazy, and the fact that it was a stingray is confusing because they aren't that dangerous, as crocodiles anyway
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RIP Crocodile Hunter. always loved your crazy antics.

"Crikey! Look at the teef on that one! 'E could rip yer hend roight off!" ...puts a smile on my face thinking about his enthusiasm.
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