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I'll tell you right now what two questions will be on your diagnostic interview:

1. Are you a university graduate or currently enrolled in university?

2. How are your grades?

Admittedly, the second question is pretty gratuitous. The point being is that if you are or were a uni grad, most psychs will have a hard time believing you could have ever made it to that level in the first place had you been suffering untreated ADD.

In a certain sense, it's a bit of a trick question; a trick because psychs are well aware that ADD is a disorder with popular currency and they see alot of people who believe themselves to have ADD to explain away what they believe to be their unproductive lifestyles - "I just can't think straight"; "I can't focus long enough to do this"; "I must be X and therefore I need Y". In which case the psych will recommend a host of other treatments, but he will refuse you the ADD diagnosis.
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Well I have had trouble all through out my schooling. I was often separated from other kids for concentration purposes. Plus I barely made it through High School. Part of the reason why I am only in Community College and not a bigger school. Ideally I should have been tested for ADD when all that was happening but my parents didn't want me on things like Ritalin because my brother had bad experience with it. Hopefully what my doctor gave me today helps so that I don't have to take the test.
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This thread is fairly painful but as a psychologist I'll weigh in. The testing is expensive but well worth it as an ADHD dx can be difficult to tease apart from anxiety or various learning disorders. No need to pay thousands of dollars however. Many schools with PhD or PsyD programs have on-site psychological service centers who will do the testing for you on a sliding scale. I've provided dozens of comprehensive assessments for a few hundred bucks as a student under the supervision of a seasoned professional. The testing for ADHD is not terribly elaborate but does rule out disorders that mimic ADHD symptoms. Truth be told what we look for most is an enduring history of symptoms that usually begin in elementary school as the disorder is rarely acquired later on in life.

Take the time to get properly dx before asking your family doc to script you stims.

Good luck
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